Uncivilized tourists: after party, Malaga beach becomes a dumping ground

Uncivilized tourists in Málaga (Spain): after the traditional celebration of the patron saint, St. John, Malagueta beach was reduced to a garbage dump. Tons of garbage, double the amount left last year.

Thirty-four tons of garbage of all kinds, alcohol bottles, glasses, bags, straws, litter. This is what the beach in Malaga, Spain, looked like on the morning of June 25. The traditional feast of San Juan, the patron saint St. John the Baptist, turned the Malagueta beach into a veritable garbage dump so much so that it took the urban sanitation company four hours with 200 workers at work to make it clean and usable again for tourists and bathers.

The scenario visible from the images of so many posts on social media expressing wonder and indignation is the result of the traditional night of beach festivities held in honor of San Juan with music, dancing, fireworks, bonfires and roasted fish, a great popular celebration that marks the real beginning of summer in Andalusia with many people coming from outside as well.

In addition to the 34,740 kilograms of garbage collected, more than double the amount of last year, the Ayuntamento de Malaga (the municipal government) reports, a special task force was deployed, mindful of what happened in 2023, to clean up early in the morning. Massive were also the presences of law enforcement agencies, which - as Europa Press reports - carried out almost 700 interventions, without any arrests, with 13 denunciations of people carrying out their bodily needs on the beach or in the street, 19 for drug use, 13 attempted fights that were duly quelled, checked the drivers of 911 vehicles resulting in charges for drunk driving for 25 of them, 116 for speeding and 1 for lack of license. As well as the closure of establishments that were selling alcohol outside the permitted hours.

It is an ancient and heartfelt holiday, traditionally people bathe in it at midnight and write their wishes on pieces of paper to be burned in bonfires.

Photo: AmiGo.Culture

Uncivilized tourists: after party, Malaga beach becomes a dumping ground
Uncivilized tourists: after party, Malaga beach becomes a dumping ground

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