AGTA tour guides: "Good Bonisoli, guides help cultural heritage-territory relationship"

AGTA tour guides welcome the news of the establishment of the Ministry of Culture's RST Commission.

TheAssociation of Licensed Tourist Guides (AGTA) welcomes the news of the creation of a commission by the Ministry of Culture to create synergies with territories. “The initiative promoted by Minister Bonisoli to establish a commission aimed at enhancing cultural heritage through cooperation between public cultural institutions, private ones and territorial productive realities, goes in the direction we have repeatedly hoped for,” says Isabella Ruggiero, president of the Association of Licensed Tourist Guides.

“Promoting lesser-known sites, incentivizing access to museums by building visitor loyalty through cards, creating the right synergies between cultural places and services offered: these are all aims on which we have repeatedly urged local and national institutional leaders,” Ruggiero explains. Who continues, “From our point of view, we think that guides can play a fundamental role in this process, facilitating the link between the individual licensed professional and the territory on which they operate. Guides knowing well not only all the sites, but also the world of tourism (the visits proposed by agencies, the preferences of tourists from different backgrounds, the difficulties in publicizing or selling certain itineraries, the problems related to transportation, etc.), can give decisive help, in order to develop projects that do not remain on paper, but can then take off. The widespread presence of guides throughout the territory, more than any other figure in the world of cultural heritage and tourism, and their role of interaction between cultural heritage-institutions-tour operators-tourists, can contribute a lot to that synergy desired by the minister.”

Ruggiero concludes by saying that the guides are ready to offer “full cooperation to MIBAC and the new commission, in particular,” concludes AGTA President Ruggiero.

Pictured: AGTA tour guides at the October 6 event.

AGTA tour guides:
AGTA tour guides: "Good Bonisoli, guides help cultural heritage-territory relationship"

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