League-5 Star government contract: here's what it says (for now) under cultural heritage

The Huffington Post exclusively published the draft of the government contract between the Northern League and the 5-Star Movement. Here is what the item on cultural heritage includes.

This evening the Huffington Post, in an article signed by Lucia Annunziata, Gianni Del Vecchio, Alessandro De Angelis, Carlo Renda and Claudio Paudice, published a draft of the government contract between the Northern League and the 5 Star Movement. This would be the basis on which the two parties are working in order to find a common strategy, which could lead to the formation of a government. The document is titled “contract for the government of change” and includes several measures: re-discussion of European Union treaties, including the contribution Italy pays to the Union, immediate withdrawal of sanctions imposed on Russia, overcoming the Fornero law, citizenship income, more courts and prisons. Among the most discussed points was the introduction of a “Conciliation Committee” that should be convened if the two parties turn out to have divergent views on the application of the “government contract,” and which would be composed of the Prime Minister, the political head of the 5-Star Movement and the secretary of the League, the group leaders of the two political forces, and the minister responsible for the matter.

However, it is necessary to point out that, also in the evening, a joint note from the leghists and grillini has already arrived, explaining, “the government contract published by the Huffington Post is an old version that has already been extensively modified during the last two meetings of the technical table. The current version, therefore, does not correspond to the one published. Many contents have radically changed. On the euro, for example, the parties have already agreed not to question the single currency. The published version, therefore, is not faithful to the current one.”

However, below is the full text of the chapter on cultural goods included in the draft, which can be found on page 10. At the moment, therefore, the leghist line seems to prevail, which values cultural assets primarily by virtue of their tourist value.

"Italian heritage represents one of the aspects that most identify us in the world. Our country is brimming with artistic and architectural riches scattered evenly throughout the territory, and in every field of art we represent world-class excellence, be it dance, cinema, music, theater. However, despite these resources, Italy today does not take full advantage of its possibilities, in some cases leaving its assets and cultural heritage in the condition of not being properly exploited.

Cultural heritage is a fundamental tool for the development of tourism throughout Italy. However, the state cannot limit itself to the mere preservation of the asset, but must enhance it and make it usable through effective systems and models, and through careful management and better cooperation between public and private entities. measures must be put in place that can protect the asset in the long run, using the available resources in a virtuous way.

It is necessary to start from a key principle: culture is an invaluable engine of growth, and certainly not an unnecessary cost. To cut in a linear and unreasoned way the spending to be allocated to our heritage, whether artistic or cultural, means considerably reducing the possibilities of increasing the wealth, including economic wealth, of our territories.

Our Museums, historical, archaeological and UNESCO sites, moreover, must once again become poles of attraction and international interest, through an overall increase in usability and adequate improvement of services offered to visitors.

Among the various forms, of art, live performance undoubtedly represents one of the best excellences of our country. Yet the current system of funding, determined by the subdivision according to criteria that are not entirely objective of the resources present in the Single Fund for the Performing Arts (FUS), limits the possibilities of our best realities and prevents the development of new projects that are truly deserving. We therefore believe it is necessary to envisage a reform of the funding system that puts the quality of artistic projects back at the center."

League-5 Star government contract: here's what it says (for now) under cultural heritage
League-5 Star government contract: here's what it says (for now) under cultural heritage

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