Protection and enhancement priority goals of the M5S-Pd-LeU government: here is the final program

How the topic of cultural heritage is addressed in the final program of the M5S-Pd-Leu government.

In the new and final version of the “programmatic lines” of the new government supported by the 5 Star Movement, the Democratic Party and Liberi e Uguali, the role related to cultural heritage has been slightly expanded, even though they share the same point (point 27) as tourism (so much so that, after a year and a half, tourism returns to the responsibility of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, which therefore again assumes the name “Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism,” and will be headed by Dario Franceschini).

This is the full text of point 27: “The government is aware that tourism is a strategic sector for our country, also because it contributes more than 10 percent to GDP. For this reason, a serious review of public governance is necessary, accompanied by concrete measures to support hospitality businesses, with particular attention to accessibility. The government is also committed to promoting the multifaceted paths of tourism, enhancing the richness of our natural, historical, artistic and cultural heritage, including through the recovery of the oldest local identities and traditions. In general, the preservation and enhancement of the country’s artistic and cultural heritage are priority objectives of government action.”

The point reserved for cultural heritage, initially not included in the twenty programmatic points of the Pentastellated parliamentarians delivered by M5S leader Luigi Di Maio to Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, was later added in a later version of the draft, in a form similar to the final draft.

There are a total of 29 points in the final program: Budget law with Vat neutralization, support for families and the disabled, incentives for private individuals, increased endowments for schools, universities and research, expansive economic policy (1); investment plans to strengthen social cohesion, renewal of the European Union, loosening of European constraints (2); technological innovation (3); tax cuts, minimum wage, law on union representation, plan for the prevention of accidents at work, gender equality in wages, support for entrepreneurship women (4), investment for young people (5), protection of personal and children’s rights (6), green new deal (7), public housing plan (8), securing the territory and reconstruction of earthquake areas (9), cutting the number of parliamentarians (10), strengthening the university system (11), sustainable growth (12), international cooperation (13), conflict of interest law (14), justice reform (15), fight against mafias and tax evasion (16), tax reform (17), management of migration flows, reform of the Dublin Regulation, revisiting the security discipline (18), plan for the south (19), completion of differentiated autonomy (20), protection of savers (21), protection of common goods (22), digital citizenship (23), digitization of public administration (24), fairness tax and web tax (25), protection and enhancement of defense personnel, police forces and firefighters (26), tourism and cultural heritage (27), strengthening export (28), and development of agricultural policies (29).

In the photo: Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

Protection and enhancement priority goals of the M5S-Pd-LeU government: here is the final program
Protection and enhancement priority goals of the M5S-Pd-LeU government: here is the final program

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