Reopening without "stop and go" and law for cultural workers: aldermen's demands

The culture aldermen of Italy's major cities are launching some demands: among them, the opening of museums without stop-and-go and a law for culture workers.

Culture aldermen from some of Italy’s largest cities (Bari, Bologna, Cagliari, Florence, Genoa, Milan, Naples, Rome, Turin, and Venice) attended today’s meeting at the Senate culture committee, chaired by Riccardo Nencini, to express their satisfaction with the reopening of museums on holidays in the yellow zone and the reopening of cinemas and theaters sanctioned by the March 2 dpcm, while at the same time launching some demands: A long-term strategy to ensure sustainability; establishment of a permanent advisory table; a law for culture and entertainment workers; planning and certainty on refreshments; and a “culture fund” for cities.

The ten cities, along with Palermo and Ancona, have been forming an informal committee for the past year to address the many emergencies in a coordinated manner. With them, the cities of Trieste and Catania also heard in the committee. The aldermen therefore called for the guarantee of a long-term strategy, with a single protocol throughout Italy, barring particularly serious health situations, so as to avoid the ’stop and go’ of the past months. There is also an urgent need, according to the assessors, for an ad hoc law for workers in the sector: highly varied, very often underpaid, ’invisible’ and poorly protected workers who have been living in the deepest uncertainty for a year.

To this must be added, according to the aldermen, guarantees on refreshments and a “culture fund” for the capital cities in addition to the other funds for cities provided by the government: in fact, large Italian cities have suffered the closure of cultural and entertainment activities as well as the collapse of tourism and now have an absolute need for specific transfers for post-pandemic revival.

Finally, the aldermen reiterated their readiness for the establishment of a permanent table of confrontation between the ministry, relevant commissions and local authorities so as to ensure a constant dialogue with cities, true “antennas” of complex and fragile cultural ecosystems and spokesmen for territorial instances.

Reopening without
Reopening without "stop and go" and law for cultural workers: aldermen's demands

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