The summary of the new issue of Windows on Art on paper, dedicated to restoration

The new issue of Windows on Art On Paper is all about restoration. Here is the full table of contents.

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Issue 12 of Windows on Art on paper is dedicated to the theme of restoration. Below is the full table of contents with the title of the column in italics(News, or news and novelties from the art world; Grand Tour, to discover the most interesting places and museums in Italy, or the works they preserve; Works and Artists, in-depth itineraries on great artists and their masterpieces; Rendez-vous, a column devoted to collectors and patrons of the past and present; Contemporary Lounge, in-depth features on contemporary art; Wunderkammer, the column on iconic objects).

Current events: the Baratti and Populonia restoration site, article by Ilaria Baratta.

Current events: debate on ’can we restore everything?’ Speakers: Donatella Biagi Maino (Associate in Museology and Criticism of Restoration, University of Bologna), Michela Cardinali (Director of Restoration Laboratories, La Venaria Reale Conservation and Restoration Center), Eliana Carrara (Associate in History of Art Criticism, University of Genoa), Vittoria Cimino (Head of the Conservator’s Office, Vatican Museums), Paolo Crisostomi (Restorer, lecturer in Theory and Technique of Restoration, University of Urbino), Cecilia Frosinini (Opificio delle Pietre Dure), Stefano L’Occaso (Director, Palazzo Ducale, Mantua), Stefano Zaggia (Professor of History of Architecture, University of Padua).

Works and artists: the rediscovery of the antique in the 15th century, article by Giorgio Dellacasa.

Works and artists: the theory of restoration according to Cesare Brandi, article by Claudia Farini.

Works and artists: the restoration of the Madonna delle Grazie by Andrea del Sarto and Giovanni Sogliani, article by Beatrice Merciadri and Simonetta Rota.

Works and artists: the Modifications of Asger Jorn, article by Daniele Panucci.

Grand Tour: the interventions of Carlo Scarpa at the Museo di Castelvecchio in Verona, article by Ilaria Baratta.

GrandTour: the Museo dell’Opificio delle Pietre Dure in Florence, article by Federico Giannini.

GrandTour: the restoration of Leonardo’s Last Supper, article by Michela Palazzo.

Grand Tour: the restoration of the Basilica of Collemaggio, article by Alessandra Vittorini.

Contemporary Lounge: David Tremlett, article by Vittoria Coen.

Contemporary Lounge: Federico De Leonardis, article by Stella Cattaneo.

Contemporary Lounge: Isabella Costabile, article by Francesca Della Ventura.

Wunderkammer: the Kintsugi technique.

La copertina del numero 12 di Finestre sull'Arte on paper
The cover of issue 12 of Windows on Art on Paper

The summary of the new issue of Windows on Art on paper, dedicated to restoration
The summary of the new issue of Windows on Art on paper, dedicated to restoration

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