Ra Paulette, the man who expresses his art by digging caves

Let us tell you about Ra Paulette, a very special U.S. artist: she expresses her art by making creations inside spectacularly excavated caves.

A Cultura Colectiva article written by Pilar Turu introduces us to an extraordinary story: a man who was able to create real works of art inside caves by himself. Find out with us in my translation! :) Here, the link to the original.

Bringing out the hidden but existing beauty of things, of nature that is forgotten or used but not admired: this is what the importance of art is based on, of those who seek to make the world more pleasant and more beautiful, bringing out the best in ourselves and appreciating what has been missed.

Ra Paulette in una delle sue caverna

For the past 30 years Ra Paulette (1940) has been excavating caves in which he creates true works of art. After her passage and the work invested in them, the majestic caves that were sometimes only darkness and oblivion, become true sanctuaries. Paulette calls them Windows in the Earth.

It is about something alive. When I started I didn’t know what would result. It is like being Dr. Frankenstein, says the artist. Through this extraordinary work, she intends to make these places available for people to experience and feel. A refuge from the madness of the world, a place suitable for contemplation and meditation.

Junko Fletcher, a visitor who went to one of the caves to celebrate her seventieth birthday, said, I was able to feel how the builder put body and soul into it, and I loved the spiritual expression. I felt so much peace.

Ra Paulette, who was born in Indiana but is a longtime resident of northern New Mexico, uses a shovel, a flashlight, scrapers, a pickaxe, a ladder, and his own hands to realize his life’s passion. As can be seen from the pictures, the caves could be compared in height and richness in form to a cathedral. Paulette is self-taught. He is neither architect nor sculptor, but one only has to see the end result to appreciate his genius.

During his practice, Paulette created fourteen caves of various sizes, all in northern New Mexico, between Taos and Santa Fe. The inherent characteristics of the stone in the caves, called the Ojo Caliente sandstone, mean that this is a malleable and durable material because the work created by the artist is permanent.

Una delle caverne di Ra Paulette

Caverna di Ra Paulette

Altra grotta scavata

Veduta esterna di una grotta

Una delle creazioni di Ra Paulette nelle grotte del Nuovo Messico

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