Trentino, artifacts from the Bronze Age to the Romans unearthed at Doss Penede archaeological site

In Trentino, at the archaeological site of Doss Penede, artifacts ranging from the Bronze Age to the Imperial Age were found in the recent excavation campaign.

The latest excavation campaign conducted by theUniversity of Trento with the Soprintendenza per i beni culturali and the Municipality of Nago Torbole at the archaeological site of Doss Penede, in the immediate vicinity of Nago, has revealed finds ranging from theBronze Age to the Second Iron Age to the Roman period, proving to be an invaluable source for the history and archaeology of Alto Garda and Trentino since the beginning of the excavation in 2019. Since the end of 2018, the University of Trento, the Superintendence for Cultural Heritage of the Autonomous Province of Trento and the Municipality of Nago Torbole have been collaborating on a research project: the area is in fact being used as an educational space.

“Doss Penede,” says Emanuele Vaccaro, professor of Classical Archaeology at the Department of Letters and Philosophy at the University of Trento and scientific head of the excavation, "knows three major periods of occupation. The first, the oldest, dates back to the Recent Bronze Age, between the mid-14th century B.C. and the following century. The site is then characterized by a significant expansion in the Second Iron Age, when the Upper Gothic territory was inhabited by the Rhaetian peoples. The last major occupation is between Romanization and the late Imperial Age, roughly between the mid-first century B.C. and the early fourth century A.D. It is a very large site, more than three hectares, capillarily occupied, as the results of the 2022 campaign seem to show. What we have discovered so far allows us to speculate that the settlement did not originate as a spontaneous initiative of a local community, but rather as an organic project, the result of a public initiative, probably linked to the city of Brixia (Brescia)."

“This is an extremely important site in the field of archaeological research in Trentino,” added Cristina Bassi, an archaeologist at the Archaeological Heritage Office of the Superintendent of Cultural Heritage. "First of all because of the extension, but also because of the amazing state of preservation and the special role of this place compared to the evidence that has emerged so far in the Upper Garda area. The research prospects are really important, especially considering that only a very small part of the area has been investigated so far. Doss Penede is also an excellent example of collaboration between administrations, in which each has a specific role based on its own vocation: the Superintendence takes care of coordination, supervision and organization; the University of Trento brings its expertise to the table and offers opportunities to students and female students; and the Municipality gives great support to the initiative, with a commitment that is not only economic, but also intellectual and planning."

The Doss Penede archaeological site is also important for teaching at the University of Trento. In fact, each year it offers the opportunity for many students to carry out a field experience in a landmark context for the University. Opportunity also extended to those enrolled and enrolled at the universities of Ferrara, Modena and Reggio Emilia and Verona as part of the inter-athenaeum master’s degree program in Quaternary, prehistory and archaeology active since 2014.

Photo by Federico Nardelli. Credit UniTrento

Trentino, artifacts from the Bronze Age to the Romans unearthed at Doss Penede archaeological site
Trentino, artifacts from the Bronze Age to the Romans unearthed at Doss Penede archaeological site

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