Milan, a large frescoed playground pays homage to Gianni Rodari

A large urban fresco was created in Piazzale Tripoli in Milan as a tribute to Gianni Rodari to celebrate play and childhood.

Artist Smoe has created a large urban fresco in Piazzale Tripoli in Milan to pay tribute to Gianni Rodari on the occasion of the centenary of his birth. It is 100 Gianni Rodari: 1100 square meters of painted pavement-art.

The artistic intervention intends to celebrate play and childhood: not only because of what it depicts, but also because the work will become a playground for young children. In fact, the protagonist is a little girl, who seems to come out of the stories of the famous childhood writer, depicted in a moment of play.

The project was realized thanks to the collaboration with the president of City Hall 6 Santo Minniti, the support of Artkademy and the help of Pablo Compagnucci. The place was transformed into a play and meeting space as part of the Open Squares project, proposed by the Tripoli Talks Association.

“Municipio 6 immediately embraced the Tactical Squares project, creating several of them in its territory,” said Santo Minniti, President of Municipio 6, "but on the centenary of his birth we could not fail to celebrate Gianni Rodari. So we imagined transforming the tactical square project, usually characterized by simple geometric figures, into a work of art. We have a duty to imagine Milan after the restart, responding to a need for sociality that grows week after week, especially for the youngest children: thus was born a call for bids aimed at creating the largest work of floor art in Milan, a tactical square for the little ones, dedicated to the famous author."

Credit City Hall 6

Milan, a large frescoed playground pays homage to Gianni Rodari
Milan, a large frescoed playground pays homage to Gianni Rodari

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