A Finestre Sull'Arte on paper all about sex and eroticism. Don't miss it!

The next issue of Finestre Sull'Arte on paper is all about sex and eros. Here is the table of contents: don't miss it!

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The next issue of the magazine, the seventh (September-October-November 2020) is all about sex anderoticism. We present today the complete table of contents, with articles alongside the titles of the columns(Current Events, news from the art world and debate on topical issues; Grand Tour, journey to discover the most interesting places and museums in Italy, or the works they preserve; Works and Artists, in-depth itineraries on great artists and their masterpieces; Rendez-vous, a column devoted to collectors and patrons of the past and present; Contemporary Lounge, in-depth coverage of contemporary art; Wunderkammer, the column devoted to iconic objects).

Current events: the completion of the restoration of Giusto de’ Menabuoi’s frescoes at the Baptistery of Padua, article by Ilaria Baratta.

Current events: discussion on museums and digital. Participants: Deborah Agostino (director Osservatorio Innovazione Digitale nei Beni e Attività Culturali, Politecnico di Milano), Alessandro Bollo (Director Polo del ’900, Turin), Maria Elena Colombo (professor of Multimedia and Cultural Heritage, Academy of Fine Arts of Brera), Cinzia Compalati (director Museo Diffuso Empolese Valdelsa), Laura Dal Prà (director Castello del Buonconsiglio), Antonella Gioli (professor of Museology and Art Criticism and Restoration at the University of Pisa; creator of the “Musei Chiusi Musei Aperti” Observatory), Valentino Nizzo (director Museo Nazionale Etrusco di Villa Giulia), Luca Ponzio (entrepreneur, co-founder of Haltadefinizione), Francesca Rossi (director Museo di Castelvecchio, Verona), Alfonsina Russo (director Parco Archeologico del Colosseo), Annalisa Zanni (director Museo Poldi Pezzoli, Milan).

Works and artists: the loves of Jupiter by Correggio, article by Giuseppe Adani.

Works and artists: the erotic imagery of Italian Orientalism, article by Jacopo Suggi.

Works and artists: seductive witches in 19th-century art, article by Ilaria Baratta.

Works and artists: the women of Guido Cagnacci, article by Federico Giannini.

Grand Tour: the Camera del Podestà in San Gimignano, article by Francesca Interguglielmi.

Grand Tour: the Secret Cabinet of the National Archaeological Museum in Naples, article by Anna De Fazio Siciliano.

Rendezvous: Federico II Gonzaga, article by Lorenzo Bonoldi.

Contemporary Lounge: David LaChapelle, article by Tristana Chinni.

Contemporary Lounge: Vanessa Beecroft, article by Cristina Principale.

Contemporary Lounge: Anna Uddenberg, article by Francesca Della Ventura.

Wunderkammer: shunga, Japanese erotic prints.

The cover of the September-October-November 2020 issue of Finestre Sull'Arte on paper
The cover of the September-October-November 2020 issue of Finestre Sull’Arte on paper.

A Finestre Sull'Arte on paper all about sex and eroticism. Don't miss it!
A Finestre Sull'Arte on paper all about sex and eroticism. Don't miss it!

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