The docufilm on Edward Hopper is coming to theaters.

Edward Hopper will be the star of the next installment of La Grande Arte al Cinema, Nexo Digital's schedule of films dedicated to art. In fact, on April 9 and 10, "Hopper. An American Love Story," a film about the American artist.

Edward Hopper will be the star of the next installment of La Grande Arte al Cinema, Nexo Digital ’s schedule of films dedicated to art. On April 9 and 10, in fact, Hopper arrives in theaters. An American Love Story, an event film celebrating one of the great symbols of American art (the list of theaters will soon be available on

Edward Hopper embodies a popular, quiet and mysterious America that has influenced painters such as Rothko and Banksy, filmmakers such as Alfred Hitchcock and David Lynch, as well as photographers and musicians. Who really was this reflective artist and storyteller of excellence? And how did an illustrator from upstate New York create such a rich body of work, capable of communicating with ordinary audiences as well as experts, addressing themes such as silence, waiting and loneliness?

The documentary directed by Phil Grabsky takes an in-depth look at Hopper’s (1882-1967) art, life and personal relationships, from his early days to his relationship with his wife Jo, who sacrificed her promising artistic career to manage her husband’s. The success of his canvases, the enigmatic personality behind the paintbrush, and his extraordinary ability to investigate modern loneliness, a theme that no one else had been able to explore so profoundly, are explored. Through expert interviews and diary readings, the documentary offers a surprising glimpse into Hopper’s daily life, allowing the audience to immerse themselves in the life of arguably the most influential artist in U.S. history. As the title suggests, Hopper. An American Love Story transports the audience into a narrative steeped in love, both for America’s open and sometimes desolate architecture and landscapes, and for devoted life partner Jo.

Explains director Phil Grabsky: “Initially I was attracted to the idea of a cranky, monosyllabic, unpleasant man, but I learned that this was a very unfair summary of the man Hopper, who was much more complicated and complex than that. While studying for the film, I discovered that one cannot understand Edward Hopper without understanding his wife, Jo. That is why, as the research progressed, we changed the title to Hopper: An American Love Story, alluding to both his love of architecture and American landscapes and his relationship with Jo. The elimination of crowds from his urban scenes allows us to focus on the narrative of a lonely person and his loneliness.”

Hopper. An American Love Story is produced by Phil Grabsky with Exhibition on Screen. The soundtrack is by Simon Farmer. Great Art at the Movies is an original and exclusive project of Nexo Digital. For 2024, La Grande Arte al Cinema is exclusively distributed in Italy by Nexo Digital with media partners Radio Capital, Sky Arte, and in collaboration with Abbonamento Musei.

Image: Edward Hopper, Nighthawks (1942)

The docufilm on Edward Hopper is coming to theaters.
The docufilm on Edward Hopper is coming to theaters.

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