White Nights of Cinema, 48 non-stop hours of single-ticket screenings for the restart

A grand 48-hour event of non-stop screenings with previews, meetings, giveaways and special events to restart movie theaters.

Forty-eight hours of non-stop screenings with a program of premieres, meetings, tributes and special events, with a single concessionary ticket and and the involvement of all the industry’s professionals: exhibitors, distributors, directors, artists, screenwriters, journalists, critics and festival curators, all united for the restart. A major event for the reopening of cinemas, entitled #soloalcinema: the White Nights of Italian Cinema. Promoters of the initiative that will animate movie theaters throughout Italy are Alice in the City and other industry associations Anica and Anec, as well as the artists of U.N.I.T.A., the 100autori and the Fondazione Accademia del Cinema Italiano - Premi David di Donatello.

The White Nights of Italian Cinema will bring attention to the relationship between participation and safety, culture and active citizenship, but above all they intend to recover the spaces lost during the pandemic months, those of leisure and socialization, thought and fun.

“Going back to the cinema and sharing again after a long time the irreplaceable experience of watching a movie together on the big screen is a great emotion. In the darkness of the theater we will cry, we will smile, we will all feel involved in the great stories. And we will be united in doing so. Cinema heals. Cinema is good for us. Let’s meet again at the cinema,” comments Vittoria Puccini, President of U.N.I.T.A., which is joining the initiative together with many artists such as Pierfrancesco Favino, Paolo Calabresi, Vinicio Marchioni, Elena Sofia Ricci, Valentina Lodovini, Beppe Fiorello, Sabina Guzzanti, Edoardo Leo, Anna Valle, Michela Cescon, Carlotta Natoli, Paola Minaccioni, and Fabrizio Gifuni who will be present and promote the initiative. Cinemas in all the cities involved will be part of a shared and connected program.

The project includes 48 hours of non-stop cinema, a single concessionary entrance ticket, a pass/accredit to be purchased to access all the theaters of the White Nights and build a dedicated itinerary, a single national communication campaign that will gather the program of all the events. Exhibitors, associations, film schools, film libraries and festivals will help to bring to life, spread and amplify not only the new releases, but with unprecedented forms, also special events and screenings organized and promoted directly in the territory and in line with the identity of each local reality. These include a series of meetings and presentations conceived and organized in collaboration with the 100 authors in the different cities and which has among the first confirmed Giorgio Diritti, Susanna Nicchiarelli, Edoardo De Angelis, Francesco Bruni, Davide Ferrario, Gianfranco Cabiddu, Stefano Rulli and Sandro Petraglia.

“The pandemic has dealt culture a deadly blow,” said Roberto Andò, spokesman for the Italian directors’ and screenwriters’ union 100autori. “The restart cannot but pass through cinema. The theater will be celebrated in an occasion designed for everyone, young people, families and those fans who cannot stay away from the big screen.”

"The White Nights will represent a kind of green light for the theatrical industry," says Luigi Lonigro, ANICA National President of Distributors, “since they will be able to take place at a time when there will no longer be any restrictions on the free movement of people and the opening of entertainment venues, and because they will see almost total national coverage and will involve all types of establishments. A great ’celebration of the liberation of cinema’ in which Italian distributors will participate with great enthusiasm and which will involve the entire industry starting with cinemas and spectators.”

“Cinema is restarting gradually, but with great determination,” added Mario Lorini, president of Anec.“The next few weeks will be decisive, with the hoped-for loosening of measures and the pandemic data. The White Nights of Cinema, an initiative promoted and coordinated by Alice in the City, can really be the central moment for the leap forward in the restart process. A 48-hour celebration where we can emphasize the participation of the entire film industry in the return of the public to the theaters, including new releases, events, promotions and the involvement of artists and talent of Italian cinema, which united, puts together all its strength to bring back sociality and aggregation as an essential component of the uniqueness of watching a film on the big screen.”

The Fondazione Accademia del Cinema Italiano also strongly wished to lend its support to the initiative. “The David di Donatello and the Accademia del Cinema Italiano have always been close to the theaters, the protagonists and the cinema workers in this long difficult unimaginable silence of the big screen,” said President Piera Detassis. “The collaboration with Alice in the City has been on for a long time and recently to enrich even more the path in the David Giovani classes. We look forward to celebrating and celebrating the passion for the theater and films, in which we have never stopped believing, supporting the work and sharing the excitement of the White Nights of Cinema. It will be the celebration that all fans have been waiting for....”

The full program will be presented on May 25.

White Nights of Cinema, 48 non-stop hours of single-ticket screenings for the restart
White Nights of Cinema, 48 non-stop hours of single-ticket screenings for the restart

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