Art Rights Prize is born, digital prize for artists, 100 thousand euros in prizes

The first edition of Art Rights Prize, a digital prize for artists, kicks off: there are prizes of 100 thousand euros and you can apply by Nov. 30.

The first edition of the Art Rights Prize, an international award divided into five categories (Painting, Photography, Digital Art, Video Art and Street Art), with a jury of experts and prizes of more than 100 thousand euros in order to support emerging artists, kicks off. The prize, organized by the AB Factory Cultural Association, was born from an overall vision of Andrea Concas, founder of Art Rights, with the aim of combining the physical physical world of art and the virtual world.

The jury is as follows: composed: for Painting, Luca Beatrice (Curator and Art Critic), Maria Chiara Valacchi (Art Critic, independent curator and art writer), Marta Giani (Sotheby’s Italia Director); for Photography, Denis Curti (Founder of Still Gallery and Photography Expert), Marine Tanguy (Founder of MTArt Agency), Lorenza Castelli (Exhibition director of MIA Photo Fair); for Digital Art, Serena Tabacchi (Founder MoCDA Museum of Contemporary Digital Art), Karen Levy (Collector DSLcollection and Founder of AiKA), Giacomo Nicolella Maschietti (Journalist and Expert in the market of ’Art); for Street Art, Marco Rubino (Collector and Street Art Contributor Forbes Italy), Giuseppe Pizzuto (Gallerist of Wunderkammern), Matteo Maffucci (Street Art Collector); for Video Art, Carolina Ciuti (Artistic Director of the video art festival LOOP Barcelona), Sveva D’Antonio (Gallerist and Collector of the Taurisano Collection) and Jean Conrad Lemaitre (Collector and President of the Commission of the video art festival LOOP Barcelona).

“We are living a real digital gold rush, a new Era for the Art world, looking for online tools and opportunities to cope with the lost physicality,” says Andrea Concas, creator of the prize. “Art Rights Prize is the most concrete response to this need, confirming our commitment to support Art and Artists towards an increasingly 3.0 Art.”

There is time to apply until Nov. 30, after which the jury will meet and by Dec. 12 will announce the names of the finalist artists. This will be followed by a virtual exhibition (from December 16, 2020 until January 31, 2021) as part of which a special “Audience Award” will also be given. The finalists’ exhibition will include the experience of the Virtual in 3D thanks to the collaboration of the LIEU.CITY platform. The exhibition was designed and built by experts in the field with the support of Exhibit Designer Andrea Isola of Startarch, a virtual path to enhance the display of the finalists’ works and make the online visit unique beyond physicality. The 3D Virtual Exhibition, accessible via smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and computers, will give the opportunity to admire the finalists’ works among the halls of the 5 Art Categories. The exhibition will be “navigable” autonomously and with extreme simplicity, selecting favorite works and artists, to discover all the details.

For more information on how to applyis and to see the full program of awards, talks, meetings and webinars, you can go to Main Partner: Art Rights, a platform for the management and certification of artworks. Technical Partner: Partners: The Ab Factory, Art Backers, Artribune, Mt Art, HubArt, Open Care, Startarch, Professione Arte, MoCDA, Isorropia Home Gallery, Finestre Sull’Arte.

Art Rights Prize is born, digital prize for artists, 100 thousand euros in prizes
Art Rights Prize is born, digital prize for artists, 100 thousand euros in prizes

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