Artissima, all the winning works: who won the 2022 edition prizes

The 29th edition of Artissima has closed. Here are who won the prizes for the 2022 edition: all the winning works.

The 29th edition of Artissima, the contemporary art fair that as per tradition was held at the Oval Lingotto in the Piedmontese capital, closed yesterday in Turin. As every year, the fair awards several prizes. Here are all the winners below.

The 22nd edition of the illy Present Future Prize, supported by illycaffè since 2001 and awarded to the project deemed most interesting in Present Future, the section that Artissima dedicates to emerging talents, goes to Peng Zuqiang. The artist is presented by Antenna Space gallery, Shanghai.

The prize was awarded by an international jury composed of Tominga O’Donnell, senior curator Contemporary Art at MUNCH in Oslo, Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, president of the Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo in Turin, Fabian Schöneich, founding director of CCA Berlin - Center for Contemporary Arts in Berlin, and Moritz Wesseler, director of the Fridericianum in Kassel, with the following motivation: “For more than two decades, the illy Present Future Prize has been a reliable indicator of outstanding emerging artists. We, the jurors, congratulate the curators, Saim Demircan and Maurin Dietrich, for the broad selection of participants, which shows a diverse range of approaches, mediums, and positions of artists from around the world. The quality of the works submitted by all the artists made the jury’s task a stimulating and productive challenge. After careful consideration, we came to a unanimous decision and are pleased to award the illy Present Future 2022 Prize to Peng Zuqiang, whose work at Artissima is presented by Antenna Space gallery. Peng’s video Sight Leak (2022), originally shot on 16 millimeter film, is loosely inspired by diaries of Roland Barthes’ travels in China. In the film, a shaky camera follows a ”local tourist“ as he travels around the artist’s hometown of Changsha. In his work, Peng bridges past and present in a bewitching way suffused with a sense of nostalgia, while maintaining a contemporary relevance with class discussions, references to queerness, and latent desires. The jury found this precise presentation very convincing and looks forward to Peng Zuqiang’s award-related exhibition at the Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo next year.”

In previous years, the prize been won by Shizuka Yokomizo (2001), Padraig Timoney (2002), Phil Collins (2003), Manuele Cerutti (2004), Michael Beutler (2005), Sergio Prego (2006), Patricia Esquivias (2007), Mateo Tannatt (2008), Luca Francesconi (2009), Melanie Gilligan (2010), Dina Danish (2011), Naufus Ramirez-Figueroa/Vanessa Safavi/Santo Tolone (2012), Caroline Achaintre and Fatma Bucak (2013), Rachel Rose (2014), Alina Chaiderov (2015), CéChile B. Evans (2016), Cally Spooner (2017), Pedro Neves Marques (2018), aaajiao (2019), Radamés “Juni” Figueroa (2020) and Diana Policarpo (2021).

Peng Zuqiang, Sigh leak (2022; Singolo canale, b/n da 16 mm, pellicola super 8 trascritta in immagine HD, 12'15'')
Peng Zuqiang, Sigh leak (2022; Single channel, 16 mm b/w, super 8 film transcribed to HD image, 12’15’’)

The third edition of the FPT for Sustainable Art Award, sponsored by FPT Industrial with the intention of generating an encounter between sustainability, innovation and art, goes to Nohemí Pérez. The artist is presented by mor charpentier gallery, Paris and Bogota.

The FPT for Sustainable Art Award was presented to the artist by an international jury composed of Hélène Guenin, director of MAMAC Nice, Nice; Markus Reymann, director of TBA21 Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary, Vienna; and Gian Maria Tosatti, artist, with the following motivation: “Colombian artist Nohemí Pérez explores the tensions of her home territory, Catatumbo, on the Venezuelan-Colombian border, depicting endangered species and the destruction caused by mining and social conflicts. The reference to coal as a tool in his works embodies the territory’s relationship with mining. Pérez uses the material with dramatic grace, demonstrating his deep rootedness to the territory he intends to defend. Nohemí Pérez has found in the mor charpentier gallery a natural artistic ecosystem that supports good environmental practices with great consistency.”

In past years the award has been won by Renato Leotta (2020) and Lennart Lahuis (2021).

The VANNI #artistroom Prize, launched by the VANNI eyewear brand and awarded to the artist whose artistic research can offer an original look at reality, opening, as a lens would, an unexpected and surprising horizon, was won by Teresa Giannico. The artist is presented by Viasaterna Gallery, Milan.

The prize was awarded by an international jury composed of Bruno Barsanti, director of Fondazione Elpis, Milan; Marco Enrico Giacomelli, philosopher and journalist; and Letizia Schätzinger, journalist, “for the artist’s ability to achieve another form of painting through an expansion of the photographic medium and the digital image. Working with visual detritus from an archive she constantly feeds, Giannico comes to create human and natural landscapes that while not pictorial take on an almost impressionistic quality.” The jury also decided to give an honorable mention to Silvia Hell of A+B Gallery, Brescia “for her ability to slip concrete data between different languages. In this way scientific results on environmental pollution go to complement the musical notes of a mechanical piano score, while a historical cartography is transformed into sculptures poised between art and design.”

The first edition of the prize, in 2021, was won by Catalin Pislaru.

Teresa Giannico, Green woods (2022; stampa su carta di cotone, 130 x 86 mm)
Teresa Giannico, Green woods (2022; print on cotton paper, 130 x 86 mm)

The 13th edition of the Ettore and Ines Fico Prize, sponsored by MEF Museo Ettore Fico in Turin and aimed at promoting and enhancing the work of young artists through an acquisition, was won by Kate Newby. Among the artists presented at the fair, the winner was chosen because she stood out for her creative poetics and research at an international level. The artist is presented by the gallery Art: Concept, Paris.

The artist was selected by Renato Alpegiani, a collector from Turin, Andrea Busto, president and director of the MEF Museo Ettore Fico in Turin, and Valerie Da Costa, an art historian and critic and curator from Paris: “The three works exhibited in the gallery’s booth were produced this year with French factories. Newby is an artist who creates his installations based on site and environment, often urban, and in disused locations. Using common materials such as pebbles, nails and ropes, his work explores the details of everyday life. The strength and power of the materials themselves enhanced by the minimal simplicity of the forms, often pure and geometric, place his work in a timeless dimension in which the viewer is called to question the meaning and poetics of life.”

The work acquired by MEF is Close is good (2022, glass), produced in collaboration with Ateliers Loire, Chartres, France. In recent years the prize has been awarded to: Mimosa Echard (Martina Simeti, Milan) and Namsal Siedlecki (Magazzino, Rome) in 2021; Alessandro Scarabello (The Gallery Apart of Rome in 2020), Guglielmo Castelli (Francesca Antonini of Rome and Rolando Anselmi of Berlin/Rome in 2019), Georgia Sagri (Anthony Reynolds of London in 2018), David Douard (Chantal Crousel of Paris in 2017), Gian Maria Tosatti (Lia Rumma of Milan/Naples in 2016), Anne Imhof (Isabella Bortolozzi of Berlin in 2015), Lili Reynaud-Dewar (Emanuel Layr of Vienna/Rome in 2014), Petrit Halilaj (Chert of Berlin in 2013), Luca Trevisani (Pinksummer of Genoa in 2012), Rä Di Martino (Monitor in Rome in 2011) and Rossella Biscotti (Prometeo Gallery Ida Pisani in Milan in 2010).

Kate Newby, It makes my day so much better if i speak to all of you (2022; Porcellana, minerali, vetro trovato)
Kate Newby, It makes my day so much better if i speak to all of you (2022; Porcelain, minerals, glass found)

Works acquired for the Castello di Rivoli Museum of Contemporary Art are: Rossella Biscotti, Trees on land (Trees on earth), 2021, Galerie mor charpentier; Pietro Moretti, The visit, another visit, 2022, Doris Ghetta Gallery; Klaus Rinke, Durchs bild format gehen von rechts nach links (Through the picture format, going from right to left), 1972, Thomas Brambilla Gallery. The works acquired for the GAM in Turin are: Nicolò Cecchella, Marsyas, 2015-2022, Galleria Cardelli & Fontana; Simone Forti, Illuminations (Illuminations), 1972, Galleria Raffaella Cortese; Francesco Gennari, Self-Portrait on Mint, 2020; Galerie Ciaccia Levi; Claudia Losi, Tapestry, 1995 in progress, Galleria Monica De Cardenas.

Rossella Biscotti, Trees on land (2021; vasi di ceramica, 100 x 60 x 60 cm)
Rossella Biscotti, Trees on land (2021; ceramic vases, 100 x 60 x 60 cm)
Pietro Moretti, La visita, un’altra visita (2022; olio su tela, 150 x 250 cm)
Pietro Moretti, The Visit, Another Visit (2022; oil on canvas, 150 x 250 cm)
Klaus Rinke, Durchs bild format gehen von rechts nach links (1972; Stampa ai sali d'argento, opera unica composta da 16 fotografie, 59 x 42 cm ciascuna)
Klaus Rinke, Durchs bild format gehen von rechts nach links (1972; Silver salt print, unique work consisting of 16 photographs, 59 x 42 cm each)
Nicolò Cecchella, Marsia (2015-2022; cemento, sabbia di fiume, ferro, carta, gomma, silicone al platino, 103 x 82 x 23 cm)
Nicolò Cecchella, Marsyas (2015-2022; concrete, river sand, iron, paper, rubber, platinum silicone, 103 x 82 x 23 cm)
Francesco Gennari, Autoritratto su menta (2020; stampa su carta di cotone, 41,6 x 30,8 cm)
Francesco Gennari, Self-Portrait on Mint (2020; print on cotton paper, 41.6 x 30.8 cm)
Claudia Losi, Arazzo (1995 - ; Tessuto di cotone e lane con tintura vegetale di rovo, 250 x 150 cm)
Claudia Losi, Tapestry (1995 - ; Cotton and wool fabric with bramble vegetable dye, 250 x 150 cm)

The third edition of the Tosetti Value Prize for Photography, supported by Tosetti Value - The Family office, goes to Oroma Elewa. The artist is presented by the gallery In Situ - Fabienne Leclerc, Paris.

The prize was awarded to the artist by an international jury composed of Fatma Bucak, artist, Antonio Carloni, deputy director of Gallerie d’Italia - Turin, and Walter Guadagnini, director of CAMERA Italian Center for Photography, Turin. This is the motivation: “The Tosetti Value Prize for photography goes to Oroma Elewa, an artist whose photographic work reflects with irony and punctuality on social, cultural, political and racial issues in African society, being also mediated by the artist’s personal and direct experiences, active in the Nigerian community. Themes of gender and identity dominate Elewa’s work and therefore assume relevance both specific to the artist’s national context and general, these being a global urgency of contemporaneity. Oroma Elewa’s work ironically plays on a number of stereotypes of the representation of the female figure, with a particular look at the world of fashion photography and glossy magazines. The topos of the seductive black girl is fully respected in the iconography that occupies the left side of the work, but is challenged - and essentially mocked - in the right side, in which a sentence reaffirms the individuality of the choices of the protagonist of the shot. Through the practice of self-portraiture, Elewa puts herself in the first person, at the same time referring - through her disguises - to a now long photographic tradition, which from the years of the Pictures Generation and in particular from the emergence of the figure of Cindy Sherman and the practice of writing in slogans by authors such as Barbara Kruger reaches up to the present day. Elewa’s work, on the other hand, confirms the extraordinary vitality of photography coming from the African continent, capable of combining the immediacy of the image with a reflection on the most pressing issues of current events.”

The first edition of the Tosetti Value Prize for photography was awarded to Raed Yassin, presented by the Isabelle van den Eynde gallery in Dubai; the second edition awarded Fatma Bucak, presented by the Peola Simondi gallery in Turin. Tosetti Value - The Family office acquired a work by both artists for its Corporate Collection.

Oroma Elewa, Tom Relax - Area Babes and Ashawo Superstars (2021; due stampe su carta, 172 x 222 cm)
Oroma Elewa, Tom Relax - Area Babes and Ashawo Superstars (2021; two prints on paper, 172 x 222 cm)

The winner of the first edition of the Matteo Viglietta Award, sponsored by Collezione La Gaia and designed to remember Matteo Viglietta great and passionate collector who had a particularly strong connection with Artissima from the beginning, is Vasilis Papageorgiou. The artist is presented by UNA Gallery, Piacenza.

The Matteo Viglietta Award was presented to the artist by an international jury composed of Eva Brioschi, curator of the La Gaia Collection in Busca, Alice Motard, director of CEAAC, Strasbourg, and Franco Noero, founder of the Franco Noero Gallery, Turin, with the following motivation: “The reasons for the choice of Vasilis Papageorgiou’s work are related to the nature of the activity of Viglietta Matteo spa, as described in the identity of the prize itself, but obviously the elements that convinced us are multiple. The work, a bench designed to be occupied by a single person, called to mind the person we want to celebrate today, and his absence that fills our daily space and living. The bench is also a place for rest, idleness and contemplation. The place for time stolen from productivity, such as the time Matthew devoted to art, taking it away from his beloved work, and which became time for shared pleasure in the long countless discussions about art, artists, and works. Finally, this work awards together a young Greek artist and a young Italian gallery. And Matteo was young in spirit until the last day of his life. Yet this work seemed to us paradoxically timeless, almost as if it occupied a suspended time, a time marked by the inner life rather than by the frenzy of our daily activities.”

Vasilis Papageorgiou, Together we don't stand (I) (2021; metallo, tessuto ramato, cemento, bronzo, alluminio, marmo, ceramica, 85 x 140 x 80 cm)
Vasilis Papageorgiou, Together we don’t stand (I) (2021; metal, coppered fabric, concrete, bronze, aluminum, marble, ceramic, 85 x 140 x 80 cm)

The winner of the third edition of the Carol Rama Award sponsored by the Fondazione Sardi per l’Arte and awarded to the artist who interprets, through her research and work, the ideal of unconventional female creativity and artistic freedom that Carol Rama embodied and conveyed through her works and personality, is Anna Perach. The artist is presented by ADA Gallery, Rome.

The prize was awarded to the artist by an international jury consisting of Jacopo Crivelli Visconti, a São Paulo-based curator and independent art critic; Laura McLean-Ferris, curator at large at the Swiss Institute in New York; and Zoe Whitley, director of Chisenhale Gallery, London, with this motivation: “Ukrainian artist Anna Perach (1985) has created a new body of materially complex and narratively compelling works. These wearable prosthetics are inspired in equal measure by historical forms of metal corsetry and the tufted yarn carpet weaving traditions of Eastern Europe. Individually and collectively as a panel of judges, we found these creations reminiscent of wall hanging sculptures surprising and original. We were also fascinated by the activation possibilities they offer during the artist’s performances.”

In 2021 the Carol Rama Prize was awarded to Ivana Spinelli, presented by GALLLERIAPIÙ gallery in Bologna. In 2020 to Zehra Do?an, presented by Prometeo Gallery Ida Pisani of Milan and Lucca.

Anna Perach, Storia notturna (2019; filato trapuntato, perline e struttura in legno)
Anna Perach, Nocturnal History (2019; quilted yarn, beads and wooden frame). Photo by Roberta Segata

The winners of the second edition of the “with eyes closed...” prize, born from the collaboration between Artissima and Fondazione Merz and awarded to the international artists present at the fair who best reflect the Foundation’s research activities on young Mediterranean art, are Alex Ayed and Nona Inescu ex aequo, presented respectively by gallery ZERO..., Milan, and gallery SpazioA, Pistoia.

The prize was awarded by an international jury composed of Owen Martin, director and chief curator of the Norval Foundation, Cape Town; Beatrice Merz, president of the Merz Foundation, Turin, and ZACentrale, Palermo; Agata Polizzi, cultural coordinator of ZACentrale, Palermo; and Bart van der Heide, director of the Museion, Bolzano, with this motivation: “The jury awarded two winners, Alex Ayed and Nona Inescu for this year’s edition. Both artists reclaim and imagine stories that challenge linear narratives through practices that are embedded in lived experience. The reuse of existing, often common materials on a continuum between the natural and the artificial is constrained by devices such as the format of a painting, for Ayed, and carefully fabricated metal armatures, for Inescu. This implicit tension, productively never resolved, brings out new associations and meanings. The jury believes that the city of Palermo, with its densely layered histories and location at the intersection of two continents, as well as the support of the ZACentrale team, is an ideal context for these artists to undertake a residency and produce new work or intervention.”

The 2021 edition of the project selected Heba Y. Amin, presented by Zilberman Gallery in Istanbul and Berlin.

Alex Ayed, Untitled (Vent) (2015; Sabbia del Sahara, bocchetta di aerazione in alluminio, dimensioni variabili). Foto di Sebastiano Pellion di Persano
Alex Ayed, Untitled (Vent) (2015; Sahara Sand, aluminum vent, dimensions variable). Photo by Sebastiano Pellion of Persano
Nona Inescu, Reliquiary (Finger) (2022; acciaio cromato e pietra, 52 x 12 x 10 cm)
Nona Inescu, Reliquiary (Finger) (2022; chrome-plated steel and stone, 52 x 12 x 10 cm)

The winner of the first edition of the ISOLA SICILIA 2022 prize, a collaboration between Artissima and Fondazione Oelle of Aci Castello, in the province of Catania, chosen from among the artists represented by the galleries at the fair, is Dala Nasser. ISOLA SICILIA is an experiential format dedicated to the “navigating artists” of the third millennium aimed at enhancing contemporary artistic research addressed to the field of visual arts, photography, video, sound art and other: actions intended as cultural crossings in Sicily. The artist is presented by Deborah Schamoni Gallery, Monaco.

The prize was awarded by an international jury composed of Etienne Bernard, director FRAC Bretagne in Rennes, Stefano Collicelli Cagol, director of Centro Pecci in Prato, and Francesca Guerisoli, director of MAC Contemporary Art Museum in Lissone, with this motivation: “The prize goes to the artist Dala Nasser for the scope of her research on the idea of addressing abstraction as political territory. The jury recognizes her ambition to develop work that is as tangible as it is poetic. It also believes that the residency in Sicily will give her the opportunity to further expand her work, which is a deeply personal and relational archipelago.”

Dala Nasser, Anemone (2022; Lenzuola, federe, tinture a base di ibisco e anemone, cenere, sale, nastro, ossido di ferro, acqua piovana, 227 x 202 cm)
Dala Nasser, Anemone (2022; Sheets, pillowcases, hibiscus and anemone dyes, ash, salt, tape, iron oxide, rainwater, 227 x 202 cm)

Artissima, all the winning works: who won the 2022 edition prizes
Artissima, all the winning works: who won the 2022 edition prizes

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