Marina Abramović launches her first NFT

In a few days Marina Abramović will launch her first NFT, a digital version of The Hero, a celebrated 2001 performance.

Serbian artist Marina Abramović (Belgrade, 1946) is about to launch her first NFT: she will do so this week and it will be a digital version of The Hero, a famous 2001 performance in which the artist rode a steed waving a white flag in the sky over Spain, all as a tribute to her father who fought in World War II. NFT is being launched in collaboration with The Cultural Institute of Radical Contemporary Art (CIRCA).

The initiative is part of a tour during which Marina Abramović, between June 13 and August 31, 2022, will screen the video of The Hero around the world (in London, Berlin, Los Angeles, Milan, New York, and Seoul). The idea is to invite global audiences to consider new definitions of the term “heroism.” “Against today’s backdrop of global instability, rising tensions and climate disruption,” CIRCA explains, “the figure of a determined woman on a white horse carries great symbolic charge on a world stage dominated by male power and escalating conflict.”

“Our planet,” says the artist, “needs uncorrupted heroes with morality, who embody courage and bring about real change. Every day in this world is a shaky, uncertain, ever-changing landscape. For CIRCA 2022, we have this white horse. This white flag. This beautiful land. We need heroes who can bring new light to enlighten us. Heroes who can inspire us to be better and to work together, not against each other. Heroes who care.”

The Hero ’s NFT will be presented by CIRCA on the Tezos platform, an energy-efficient blockchain. Details about the operation will be announced live at a panel discussion during Art Basel in Basel on June 19.

“NFTs,” explains Diane Drubay, art and culture respondent for Tezos, "are the ideal medium for sharing Marina Abramović and CIRCA’s vision of a new paradigm through innovative ways of thinking about and experiencing art. We are excited to see Marina Abramović’s work come to life for the first time in Web3 on Tezos. Abramović’s creation, The Hero, is perfectly at home in the thriving and diverse Tezos Art community."

Marina Abramović launches her first NFT
Marina Abramović launches her first NFT

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