On Lake Iseo, Stefano Arienti's new intervention that draws with light

The Mirad'Or exhibition space on Pisogne's lakefront hosts Stefano Arienti's site-specific intervention until September 30, 2022: Sundials.

Until September 30, 2022 in the Mirad’Or exhibition space on the Pisogne lakefront, Stefano Arienti ’s new work entitled Meridiane is on view. This is part of the project of the same name that the artist has been carrying out for many years, but for the first time in a three-dimensional version.

Thesite-specific intervention was born and inspired by light and its observation: Arienti chases the shadows that the sun draws, almost as if in a game that sends back the echo of light, on the floor and walls. The shadows that in other cases Arienti had painted with colors on paper here take on three-dimensionality for the first time thanks to ribbons of various colors and sizes. The concept of"drawing with light" becomes more evident, in a space where the public is invited to enter.

Six years after Christo and Jeanne-Claude ’s work The Floating Piers and after Daniel Buren ’s intervention last summer, Lake Iseo confirms its focus on contemporary art with a new work created especially for Mirad’Or.

"After last year’s success with Daniel Buren’s works, Mirad’or hosts another great artist. The goal is always to maintain a high level of quality, to bring beauty to our area. This time, it is possible for us thanks to Stefano Arienti’s Meridiana, a colorful work inspired by light and its reflections, which finds a perfect location in Mirad’Or, always with a view to enhancing the landscape and the territory," said Federico Laini, mayor of Pisogne.

The project is promoted by Comune di Pisogne; artistic direction by Massimo Minini in collaboration with BelleArti 25100, with the patronage of Provincia di Brescia and Visit Lake Iseo

Hours: Monday through Thursday: visible from the outside; Friday and Saturday from 3 to 7 p.m.; Sunday: 9 a.m. to noon and 3 to 7 p.m.
Free admission.

On Lake Iseo, Stefano Arienti's new intervention that draws with light
On Lake Iseo, Stefano Arienti's new intervention that draws with light

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