Street art. Banking: Fineco Bank has a mural made on a building in Milan

In Milan, street artist Loste creates a mural for Fineco Bank that decorates the facade of a building in Corso Garibaldi. Here are the reasons for the operation.

Fineco Bank is using street art to decorate walls in Milan. Thus was born the work L’Araldo, a 200-square-meter “art wall” created by street artist Loste above a wall of the building at 81 Corso Garibaldi in Milan. The work was created for Fineco Bank by a collaboration between MacCann Worldgroup Italia, Clear Channel Italia and Street Art In Store, a brand of Galleria Prada. The bank calls L’Araldo “a quality artistic intervention” and a “free and unconditional expression of the artist in interpreting the theme of Innovation that arises from the relationship between man and technology, proposed by Fineco Bank.”

“Street Art is direct, strong and has unparalleled communicative power,” Loste explains. “Choosing to use, therefore, a language like this without imposing any artistic constraints, implies on Fineco’s part a great desire for the future by abandoning traditional canons of communication.”

The work is meant to represent, for passers-by on Corso Garibaldi, an invitation to stop and admire the features of a woman with features inferred from classical art but who at the same time is fascinated by the light of the future that awaits us and in which, a note reads, “the perfect symbiosis between man and technology will know how to unveil true Beauty.”

“These artfully created contrasts show how classicity meets the future naturally giving birth to the most extraordinary of daughters, Innovation,” the artist says. “As in a mythological tale, such union generates a new light capable of acting as a guide in the transit from the past to contemporaneity, a place where the pages of tomorrow are still being written at the hands of People, eager for an improvement that is based on respect for all and that reserves an eye towards Nature. In fact, the tension of the marble body, a material inextricably connected to the earth, gives its full attention to the robin, the bearer and guardian of positive values such as hope, harmony and is the symbol of the transition from winter to summer. It is a real winged good omen, shaped and transformed by steampunk elements with the aim of conveying a small short circuit in the minds of the viewers by provoking an anachronism that is striking and fascinating.”

“This work,” says Paolo Di Grazia, Deputy General Manager and Head of Global Business at Fineco Bank, "is part of a broader initiative aimed at the redevelopment of a large area in the heart of Milan. Our journey began with the Care and Adopt Public Green project in collaboration with the City of Milan, and continues with the enhancement in various forms of this strategic area of Milan. It is one more piece of our strategy that aims at sustainability, not only environmental, but also cultural and artistic. We chose this work because we appreciate the artist’s interpretation of the concept of Innovation, which stems from the relationship between man and technology."

Loste’s work is part of a project to restore a wall of the building at 81 Corso Garibaldi, using art to bring people together. The goal of the mural is to emphasize, to those who will see this work every day, the beauty, commitment, determination but also inspiration that art is able to give people. These are the goals of Street Art In Store and Clear Channel Italia, which together have created this “redevelopment project” that began with the first mural in October 2020 for the launch of the Galaxy S20FE line for Samsung Italia.

In the photo: the work of Loste

Street art. Banking: Fineco Bank has a mural made on a building in Milan
Street art. Banking: Fineco Bank has a mural made on a building in Milan

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