A rich schedule of meetings with writers, filmmakers and popularizers at Turin's Gallerie d'Italia

A rich schedule of meetings at the Gallerie d'Italia in Turin with writers, filmmakers, journalists and popularizers as part of #INSIDE promoted by Intesa Sanpaolo. The meetings are linked to the two current exhibitions.

At the Gallerie d’Italia in Turin, a rich schedule of meetings as part of #INSIDE presented by Intesa Sanpaolo includes talks with distinguished guests and special events, always scheduled on Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. with free admission. The program of meetings with writers, filmmakers, journalists and popularizers complements the current exhibitions at the museum in Piazza San Carlo: Gregory Crewdson. Eveningside and Lisetta Carmi. Playing Loud.

The in-depth look at issues related to the Gregory Crewdson exhibition is curated by Francesco Costa, journalist and deputy editor of the online newspaper Il Post, who will dialogue with Daria Addabbo (Oct. 19), Dana Rogers (Nov. 2) and Marta Ciccolari Micaldi (Dec. 14). Also highly anticipated is the meeting in collaboration with Circolo dei lettori with writer Jonathan Lethem (Nov. 23) one of the most innovative voices in the contemporary American literary scene.

Instead, within the project La Grande Memoria della Fotografia Italiana (The Great Memory of Italian Photography), curated by Roberto Koch, a number of in-depth meetings on various themes related to the exhibition on Lisetta Carmi will be offered, with the participation of Federica Muzzarelli (Oct. 26), Marcello Flores d’Arcais (Nov. 9), Maurizio Maggiani (Nov. 16), Alice Rohrwacher (Nov. 30) and Daniele Segre (Jan. 18, 2023).

Intesa Sanpaolo’s Gallerie d’Italia in Turin aims to be a permanent laboratory where photography and visual arts explore today’s complexity with multidisciplinary gazes, focusing in particular on evolving issues of environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Reservations are recommended for all meetings at torino@gallerieditalia.com. Free admission subject to availability.

Calendar of side events at the exhibition Gregory Crewdson. Eveningside

Wednesday, October 19, 2022
FRANCIS COSTA moderates.

When attempting to tell the story of a place thirty-three times the size of Italy, and that in some parts of it changes every mile and every year, does every shot risk being a deception, and confusing the part with the whole? What does it mean to photograph the United States, and what do those who explore and narrate it using this language learn about the place? Francesco Costa meets Daria Addabbo, a photojournalist with extensive experience traveling and working in the United States. Addabbo has chronicled in words and images small towns and rural provinces, drought and urbanization, the west and industry.

Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2022
FRANCIS COSTA moderates.

There are many peoples of the world we know less about than the Americans, of course, but there are none with a wider gap between what we think we know and what we really know. The influence of U.S. culture over time has made us familiar with contexts foreign to us by convincing us that we know the daily life, culture, habits, and mentality of U.S. people. Are we wrong? And how much? Francesco Costa meets Dana Rogers, Business English teacher, content creator and writer. Rogers is from the U.S. and originally from Racine, Wisconsin in the heart of the Midwest: the region that drove the U.S. economy in the twentieth century with its factories and manufacturing, becoming the symbol and home of the working class, only to go into crisis from the 1990s onward due to deindustrialization.

Wednesday, November 23, 2022
in collaboration with THE READERS’ CIRCLE.

Jonathan Lethem, born in Brooklyn in 1964, is one of the most innovative voices on the contemporary American literary scene. He is the author of novels, essays and short stories and has won the MacArthur Fellowship and the National Book Critics Circle Award for fiction. His novels published in Italy include Concerto for Strings and Kangaroo (1994), Motherless Brooklyn (1999), The Fortress of Solitude (2003), The Garden of Dissidents (2014), Anatomy of a Gamb ler (2017) and The Wild Detective (2019).

Wednesday, Dec. 14, 2022
FRANCIS COSTA moderates.

Can we learn about America beyond stereotypes and clich├ęs but while sitting on the couch? What books today allow us to explore the United States we don’t see inside the movies and TV series outside the big cities and beautiful natural parks? How can literature prepare us for the journey? Francesco Costa meets Marta Ciccolari Micaldi, journalist, author and literary guide specializing in North American literature. Better known online as LaMcMusa, since 2013 Ciccolari Micaldi has been chronicling U.S. culture with a special look at how much of America we are less accustomed to seeing the provinces, the roads between one city and another, the border, organizing literary trips and using novels as a tool for investigation and knowledge. She writes a newsletter called #DreamAmerican and is the author of two podcasts on pop culture and American literature, Black Coffee Sounds Good and Pop Corn.

Calendar of side events at the exhibition Lisetta Carmi. Playing loud

Wednesday, October 26, 2022
moderated by ROBERTO KOCH

Federica Muzzarelli is Professor of History and Ideas of Photography at the Department of Arts, University of Bologna. She is Principal Investigator of a PRIN 2022-25 project entitled: Italian Feminist Photography. Identity politics and gender strategies. Within the IFP (Italian Feminist Photography) project, Federica Muzzarelli intends to analyze for the first time and extensively the contribution of women in the history of Italian photography by inscribing it in a framework of progressive affirmation of instances, of feminist identity emancipation according to the most recent perspectives offered by gender and feminist studies. In this meeting the reflections of a historian of photography, especially an expert in the history of women’s photography adapted and revised in consideration of Lisetta Carmi’s exhibition.

Wednesday, November 9, 2022
moderated by ROBERTO KOCH

Marcello Flores d’Arcais is a professor of Comparative History at the University of Siena’s Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies program and the director of the Master of Arts in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action. Flores is a leading contemporary historian. He has the experience and habit of dealing with historical elements even from images as for example done in the Great Encyclopedia of the Shoah. In this meeting he is entrusted to treat a history of our country of the last 70 years from the history of photography.

Wednesday, November 16, 2022
moderated by ROBERTO KOCH

The author of The Courage of the Robin, It was a Vertigo and The Night Traveler reveals his first experiences as a storyteller as a photographer with his first Zenit camera, a gift from his father Dino.

A language he has never abandoned and on which he continues to question himself starting from the fact that images can and sometimes should be an intrinsic part of the story. A sharp and poetic reflection that will surprise many.

Wednesday, November 30, 2022
moderated by ROBERTO KOCH

Born in Fiesole, sister of actress Alba Rohrwacher, she graduated from Turin University with a degree in Literature and Philosophy. She later obtained a master’s degree in Screenwriting and Documentary Language at the Municipal Video Library in Lisbon and a master’s degree in Narrative Techniques, Screenwriting and Dramaturgy at the Holden School in Turin.
On the occasion of the exhibition realized with the close collaboration of curator and gallery owner Giovanni Battista Martini, owner of his archive, Alice Rohrwacher presents a specially commissioned unpublished film that takes its cue from the photographer’s work and life; the secrets and motivations that led the great filmmaker to want to make her personal film contribution for the exhibition and the passion she felt immediately for Lisetta Carmi’s work are revealed.

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Screening of the documentary Lisetta Carmi, a soul on the road (Italy, 2010, ’54)
The documentary focuses on the Genoese photographer and was made by Turin-based director Daniele Segre.
Her shots, her vision of the world, her passionate works against the Italian society of the 1960s and 1970s have marked the art world to this day: the transvestites and the dockworkers of Genoa, the eroticism and authoritarianism of the monumental cemetery of Staglieno, the trips to document the world, the fulminating photographic encounter with Ezra Pound. Finally, the profound mystical encounter with Babaji in India in 1976 and the construction of the Ashram of Cisternino, the first one built in the West and a yearly destination for thousands of devotees from all over the world. Lisetta Carmi’s incredible life began on Feb. 15, 1924, in Via Sturla, Genoa, in a family of Jewish origin.
The event will include an introduction of the documentary by the director, who after the screening will be available for a small discussion and meeting with the audience.

A rich schedule of meetings with writers, filmmakers and popularizers at Turin's Gallerie d'Italia
A rich schedule of meetings with writers, filmmakers and popularizers at Turin's Gallerie d'Italia

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