Artissima Junior launches special online edition in partnership with Juventus

Artissima and Juventus present a special online edition of Artissima Junior. Artist tutor is Diego Perrone.

Artissima and Juventus present aspecial online edition of Artissima Junior, a project created with the aim of engaging young visitors to the fair who are interested in discovering the world of art. On April 27, this brand new edition will be launched on the Artissima website and will continue for two weeks, providing children with new stimuli to learn aboutcontemporary art. An invitation to develop creativity as a form of freedom.

The unprecedented project is made possible thanks to Diego Perrone (Asti, 1970), an artist tutor fascinated by experimentation through different means of expression: the invitation is extended to young art lovers to become part of a special team of artists. The children’s drawings, performances and creations will become parts of a virtual collective project, shared at a distance and inspired by Your Icon, an initiative promoted by Juventus to invite fans to reinterpret the club’s logo in the most original way possible.

For Artissima Junior, Perrone chose to invite the young participants to reflect, through the medium of portraits, on the identity/team binomial. Identity, understood as the set of personal and characteristic traits that make an individual unique and recognizable, allows each team, the sum of uniqueness, to be unrepeatable and unique.

Participants will address this theme using different artistic modes: the portrait theme will take place through a comparison with the format of the football players’ sticker.
In Perrone’s research, the portrait is fundamental. The artist, on the occasion of his first solo exhibition entitled The Room of a Hundred Laughing Kings, had presented and modified one hundred historical portraits of ancient monarchs by making them smiling and cheerful. For the current project, he will re-propose a small autobiographical portrait with a chicken on its head, already exhibited in 1994 in one of his first group exhibitions, inviting small participants to rework it.

The idea of addressing an unlimited number of little interlocutors led the artist to choose the format of the open letter: a personal and direct tool capable of establishing a relationship between the artist and the recipient, thus making each child the protagonist of the words he or she reads, wherever he or she is in the world. Promptly converted into special emails dedicated to the young participants, the letters will be published at varying intervals on the Artissima website, on the page dedicated to the Artissima Junior project.

Each participant will be free to choose whether to send his or her work to the artist through the Artissima website for publication and sharing, or to keep it for himself or herself, as an artist does when he or she decides to jealously guard a work in his or her studio. The choral work will be the result of the work of all those who want to join this special team of artists and will be presented as a new interpretation of the Juventus logo.

“In these times we have realized how society and children need art and creativity to feel free and happy. Creating together with a young artist offers the opportunity to feel part of a team and to understand how rules are not a cage but the structure from which to take flight with imagination,” said Artissima director Ilaria Bonacossa.

“We are happy to collaborate again with Artissima for this special edition, which once again brings children closer to contemporary art,” commented Luca Adornato, Head of Marketing at Juventus, “and which also allows us to integrate Your Icon, a project we particularly care about and which we recently launched. This new foray into the world of art allows us to continue the path of approaching and contacting territories that are distant from our daily lives but through a particular lens, which is that of children, will allow us to convey some of the values that are fundamental to us such as teamwork and collaboration.”

Pictured is Diego Perrone, artist tutor of the Online Special Edition of Artissima Junior

Artissima Junior launches special online edition in partnership with Juventus
Artissima Junior launches special online edition in partnership with Juventus

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