LIMEC SSML, only a few more days left to register for the new Higher Education Courses in the cultural field

LIMEC SSML, a University-Organized Institute, offers three new Advanced Training Courses in Cultural Heritage Management and Enhancement. Enrollment until December 5, 2021.

There is time until Dec. 5, 2021, to enroll in the three new Higher Education Courses that LIMEC School for Linguistic Mediators, a University-Organized Institute, offers to provide theoretical, practical and technological tools for the management, care and enhancement of national and international cultural heritage.

Governance, Management and Innovation for Culture and Museums, Tools for Cultural Design. Local, National and European Dimensions, and Digital Transformation for Cultural Institutions: these are the three new Courses aimed at all professionals in the field and those who intend to approach the cultural field for the first time. The LIMEC SSML proposes an innovative and international approach and offers specific in-depth courses: in fact, the Higher Education Courses aim to train, through a concrete and multidisciplinary method, all those who are interested in consciously administering and all those who daily get involved in the management and enhancement of Italian cultural heritages.

"We want LIMEC Scuola Superiore per Mediatori Linguistici (Higher School for Linguistic Mediators), a university-ordered institute approved by the Ministry of University and Research (MUR) with a Ministerial Decree dated 09/22/2016, to become the home of the cultural manager of the present and the future, that is, of all those who want to anticipate the challenges of the contemporary for the common good," declares Giorgia Matteucci, President of LIMEC SSML. The Higher School for Linguistic Mediators was born from the idea of merging linguistic excellence in paths of study, analysis and planning in the areas of social, cultural and economic-scientific development most demanded by the challenges of the new millennium. Postgraduate projects, Higher Education Courses, monographic courses and European and international master’s degrees aim to create new professional figures taking into account the demands of the world of work and from the challenges of e-society.

A strong point of the Higher Education Courses is the participation and collaboration of several leading companies in the fields of marketing, communication, innovation, europlanning and game design, such as BPER Banca (with the project La Galleria. Collection and Historical Archive), B&S Europe, Larin Group, Flyover Zone, Meeple. It also counts the support of important entities such as MUSEIMPRESA, the National Association of Memory Houses and the Italian Observatory for Digital Transformation.

The Higher Education Courses will be held online in synchronous mode to facilitate participation and to maintain direct contact with the faculty of excellence, as well as to encourage the participation of those who work in the sector: the classes will have a part-time formula because they will be concentrated on Friday afternoons and Saturdays, with two monthly meetings (from January to July). Attending at least 75 percent of the classes and passing the final test, which consists of a project work on a specific, real-world case study of the participant’s choice, will result in a Diploma of Participation and the issuance of 15 E.C.T.S.(European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System).

They are aimed at all graduates in humanities, linguistics, economics and law who wish to have a scientific, cultural, theoretical and practical background to administer, innovate and enhance cultural heritage.Access to the Higher Education Courses can also be granted to all those who wish to update their skills and professionalism even in the absence of an academic degree (a high school diploma is always required).

To apply, it is necessary to send an email to, indicating the course of choice. Any additional information can be requested from the Director of Courses, Luca Zamparo, by writing to

More info can be found at .

LIMEC SSML, only a few more days left to register for the new Higher Education Courses in the cultural field
LIMEC SSML, only a few more days left to register for the new Higher Education Courses in the cultural field

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