Rome Art History Network will hold two days dedicated to digital humanities

A conference on Digital Humanities: the Rome Art History Network is holding it on May 23 and 24, 2018. Here is the full program.

On the occasion of the Rome Art History Network ’s VI International Day of Doctoral Studies there will be two days dedicated to Digital Humanities, whose role is to “reveal ”the object itself through the empirical display of existing materials or to “reconstruct” the original experience of the object to enhance viewer engagement.

On May 23 and 24, 2018, lectures and meetings will be held by Angelica Federici (University of Cambridge/RAHN) and Joseph Williams(Duke University/American Academy in Rome) and coordinated by Matteo Piccioni(Sapienza - University of Rome/RAHN).
Following is the program:

MAY 23, 2018

Angelica Library
Piazza S. Agostino 8, Rome

Francesca Parrilla (University of Notre Dame/RAHN)
Matteo Piccioni (Sapienza - University of Rome/RAHN)

Angelica Federici (University of Cambridge/RAHN)
Joseph Williams (Duke University/American Academy in Rome)

14.20 SESSION I. Historical investigation through the digital humanities
Chair: Silvia Tita (National Gallery of Art, Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts)

14.35 Jorge Jiménez (Universidad de Salamanca),
Digitization of medieval manuscripts. Some risks and advantages

14.55 Alberto Faria (Universidade de Lisboa),
Between light and shade: Present and future of the Collection of Prints - University of Lisbon, Faculty of Fine-Arts



16.00 SESSION II. Digitization of archives and the protection of cultural heritage.
Chair Valeria Vitale (University of London)

16.15 Dario Haux (Universität Luzern),
On the paradigm of preserving our global heritage with digital information technology

16.35 Ji Young Park (Technische Universität Berlin),
Digital provenance research for Asian art: revealing an object’s past, reconstructing its discourse

16.55 Martina Massarente (University of Genoa),
The virtual platform of DIRAAS (Unige): computer applications for art criticism history and photography


Caroline Bruzelius (Duke University)


MAY 24, 2018

American Academy in Rome
Via Angelo Masina 5, Rome

2:00 P.M. SALUTES.
Lindsay Harris (American Academy in Rome)
Ariane Varela Braga (Universität Zürich/RAHN)

14.10 SESSION III. The Interaction between the Digital Humanities and the historical art object.
Chair Bissera Pentcheva (Stanford University/American Academy in Rome)

14.25 Kelly E. McClinton (Indiana University),
The resting satyr: a digital exhibit in augmented

14.45 Leonardo Impett (Digital Humanities Institute, EPFL),
Notation, alienation and operationalisation in digital art history



15.50 SESSION IV. Digital Humanities in the publishing world.
Chair Allison Levy (Digital Scholarship Editor, Brown University)

16.05 Giuditta Cirnigliaro (Rutgers University),
The digital reconstruction of Leonardo’s library: revealing formal patterns in Early Modern thought

16.25 Olga Hajduk (Institute of Art of the Polish Academy of Sciences),
The power of tools. Reflection on digital art history possibilities in relation to research on Early Modern sculpture and creating art objects catalogues

16.45 Stefania de Vincentis (University of Ferrara),
Digital archives as a tool for audience development. Elements from the working table on ICT and Cultural Heritage of the European Commission 2017


Digital humanities and the preservation of
cultural heritage
Giacomo Massari (TorArt, Carrara)
Isabella Baldini, Giulia Marsili, Lucia Orlandi (University of Bologna)

Angelica Federici (University of Cambridge/RAHN)
Joseph Williams (Duke University/American Academy in Rome)

For all information you can visit, email or visit the Rome Art History Network Facebook page.

Rome Art History Network will hold two days dedicated to digital humanities
Rome Art History Network will hold two days dedicated to digital humanities

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