The fourth edition of Art Conversations begins in Milan.

Milan, kicks off the fourth edition of Conversazioni d'Arte, a series of meetings sponsored by the city council, held at the Palazzo Reale and focusing on the city's masterpieces

Tomorrow, March 21, starts the fourth edition of "Art Conversations," the series of meetings promoted by the City of Milan - Culture that will be held at Palazzo Reale to talk about the city’s artistic masterpieces.This fourth edition tells the people of Milan, through the voices of important personalities (art and architecture historians as well as skilled popularizers) not only the history of works of art in the strict sense, but also that of iconic design objects and works of architecture that have been fundamental in shaping the urban, cultural and artistic identity of our city, especially since the postwar period.

The cycle starts with Arturo Martini ’s “The Dead Lover” exhibited at Villa Necchi Campiglio and narrated by Marco Magnifico, executive vice president of FAI, and Lucia Borromeo, head of FAI’s art-historical research (Full program at the end of the press release).

The last of the seven scheduled meetings (on Sept. 19) leads instead, extraordinarily, to the discovery of a historic building located in Cremona: the Palazzo dell’Arte, currently home to the Violin Museum. The exception is justified by the City of Cremona ’s adherence to the Novecento Italiano palimpsest thanks to a series of events dedicated precisely to the discovery of Cremona’s most important contributions to the cultural definition of the short century.

The City of Milan - Culture promotes the initiative in collaboration with ArtsFor, thanks to the main partnership of AcomeA SGR, the contribution of Fondazione AEM and the support of Pirelli and Treccani and, from this year, AON.

Councillor for Culture, Filippo Del Corno, said, "Born in 2015 within the Expoincittà schedule to tell the public about the icons of Milanese art, the cycle of ’Art Conversations’ has now become an annual appointment awaited by the Milanese, which is renewed for the fourth edition with the same format but with new masterpieces. An opportunity to discover, or rediscover, the works that have marked the history of art, in particular, of the Italian twentieth century."

Marco Carminati, scientific curator of the project since 2015, for his part commented,"Milan is a city rich in works of art, many of them internationally renowned, and it is time for the Milanese to really take possession of them. The easiest way is to be told about these works, possibly by competent scholars who can convey curiosity and enthusiasm. These are the simple ingredients of ’Art Conversations,’ which allowed the Milanese to enter (while having fun) into the innermost and most compelling secrets of ’their masterpieces.’"
The meetings are free admission and begin at 9 p.m.

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Following is the program:
- Wednesday, March 21, Arturo Martini, “The Dead Lover,” with Marco Magnifico and Lucia Borromeo;
- Wednesday, April 18, Carlo Carrà, “The Metaphysical Muse,” with Ada Masoero;
- Wednesday, May 9, Michelangelo Pistoletto, “Walking Girl,” with Gabi Scardi;
- Wednesday, June 20, Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, “Arch Floor Lamp,” with Gianni Biondillo;
- Wednesday, July 18, “From factory to knowledge factory: the historic Pirelli cooling tower and the transformation of the Bicocca district,” with Fulvio Irace;
- Wednesday, August 1, Umberto Boccioni, “Unique Forms of Continuity in Space,” with Marco Carminati;
- Wednesday, Sept. 19, special appointment as part of “Novecento: the Cremona fuori salone,” Carlo Cocchia, Palazzo dell’arte, Cremona, with Teresa Feraboli.

Pictured: Umberto Boccioni, Unique Forms of Continuity in Space (1913; bronze, height 126.4 cm; Milan, Museo del Novecento)

The fourth edition of Art Conversations begins in Milan.
The fourth edition of Art Conversations begins in Milan.

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