The spring 2023 edition of Rolli Days will be dedicated to the sea. With many new features

In Genoa, the spring 2023 edition of Rolli Days (April 28-May 1) will be dedicated to the sea, and there will be many new features: for example, for the first time all 12 palaces of Strada Nuova will open to the public.

A spring edition of Genoa ’s Rolli Days dedicated to the sea and its connection with Genoa’s most important aristocratic families in the golden age of the Republic, the “Siglo de Los Genoveses”: this is precisely the main theme of the next edition of Rolli Days scheduled from April 28 to May 1. The new edition of the now traditional event that, for a weekend, opens the doors of all the Palazzi dei Rolli, the residences of the Genoese aristocracy, will offer the public the opportunity to spend a long weekend in the name of culture, art, and the sea: you can book your stay in Genoa now.

For the city’s main cultural event, more than 30 palaces in the historic center, within the UNESCO site Le Strade Nuove and the Sistema dei Palazzi dei Rolli, will open, flanked by the suburban villas of the Ponente: the neighborhoods of Sampierdarena, Cornigliano, Pegli and Voltri will see their most beautiful residences welcome thousands of visitors.

The sea will be told through the stories of Genoese families, the trades and financial transactions of bankers, and the stories of places and people who made Genoa’s history. The public will be able to enter the villas of great shipowners such as Adamo Centurione, a friend and collaborator of Andrea Doria, or of protagonists of Mediterranean trade such as the Lomellini family, who from Pegli to Tabarca and then to Carloforte traded coral throughout Europe: their villa in Pegli, now Villa Lomellini Rostan (pictured) is one of the novelties of this edition. Villa Rostan can also be reached by sea (barring unfavorable weather conditions), just like the guests of the Genoese at the time of the Rolli, thanks to the Navebus service: an extraordinary experience to enrich the Rolli Days.

In the palaces in the city and in the villas of the Ponente, the sea and its stories are also protagonists in the spectacular fresco cycles, from the Stories of Jason and the Argonauts in the Pegli villa of Adamo Centurione, to the vicissitudes of Ulysses in the great hall frescoed by Luca Cambiaso for the residence of Gerolamo Grimaldi.

The historic center, overlooking the sea, will be another focus of this edition: extraordinary residences such as that of Ambrogio di Negro or that of Giovanni Battista Lercari, considered among the richest men in the world in the 16th century, will open around Piazza Banchi; one will be able to return to the residences of Brancaleone Grillo and Nicolò Cattaneo della Volta, or Doge Ferretto. Palazzo San Giorgio, opened for the occasion, will tell the extraordinary financial history of the city.

The goal is also to make culture become a garrison on the territory: with Rolli Days, spaces too often told only about their problems will be revived. The visits, openings, and activities that make monumental places protagonists are fundamental to the revitalization and quality of life of our historic center.

Another outstanding aspect of April’s Rolli Days will be the opening, for the first time, of all 12 palaces of Strada Nuova, the sumptuous Renaissance street created in the 16th century to represent an entire city and its aristocracy.

As always, Rolli Days will bring to life the most significant places of 16th- and 17th-century Genoa through the words, expertise and passion of the Scientific Disclosers: tales that will illuminate architecture, bring to life the paintings, sculptures, tapestries and silverware of those unique mansions and flesh out the stories-often extraordinary-of their owners. All updates, details on open sites and the schedule of side events will be posted on, a site from which it will also be possible to book visits.

And in this 2023 in which Genoa devotes so much attention to its sea, some monumental sites will also be open in June, on the occasion of the arrival in Genoa of The Ocean Race, the most important race around the world, which for the first time will end its journey in Italy.

Image: Villa Lomellini Rostan. Photo: Fabio Bussalino

The spring 2023 edition of Rolli Days will be dedicated to the sea. With many new features
The spring 2023 edition of Rolli Days will be dedicated to the sea. With many new features

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