Zerocalcare prof for a day at MAXXI in Rome

On Tuesday, March 19, 2019 at 9:30 a.m. Zerocalcare will be prof of students from high schools in Rome and Lazio at MAXXI.

On Tuesday, March 19, 2019, at 9:30 a.m., at the MAXXI in Rome, Michele Rech aka Zerocalcare (Arezzo, 1983) will take the stage to accompany students from high schools in Rome and Lazio to visit his solo exhibition ZEROCALCARE scavare fossati - nutrire coccodrilli (open to the public until March 31, 2019).The special visit is part of La Città Incantata, ABC School Project promoted by the Lazio Region and Roma Capitale.
During the meeting, Oscar Glioti, critic and essayist, editor for Fandango Libri/Coconino Press, and journalist Riccardo Corbò will speak.

Zerocalcare is considered by critics and the public to be one of the most important storytellers of our time. A phenomenon of Italian comics, he has always been linked to the antagonist scene and a capable focalizer of contemporary instances and idiosyncrasies, he has received numerous awards and from one of his works, La Profezia dell’Armadillo, a film was recently released on the big screen. Always associated with theunderground, he is one of the most relevant Italian protagonists of recent years. The stories of his books have been created in the Capital: from his first self-publishers (2001) to Macerie Prime Six Months Later (2018). Since 2011 he has published the book La Profezia dell’Armadillo (The Armadillo Prophecy), continuing until today with eight more volumes and several short stories in national newspapers and weeklies. Zerocalcare’s plates, always traversed by theArmadillo, personification of the author’s consciousness, are a collection of self-mockery and quotations of all kinds, ranging from zombies to Dragon Ball, from Lady Cocca of the ’Disney-esque’ Robin Hood to the protagonists of Star Wars. His stories are not to be considered as true chronicles and the protagonists do not always correspond to real people who exist, but they evoke common places and feelings, such as the uncertainty of living in a world where social inequalities are evident, the struggle for rights is weak and the search for a job increasingly difficult.

MAXXI is hosting his first major solo exhibition, around four thematic nuclei - Pop, Tribes, Struggles and Resistance, Non Reportage - to trace his entire career, including posters, illustrations, record covers, original plates from his nine books, T-shirts, logos and a site-specific work designed by the artist for the occasion.

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Zerocalcare prof for a day at MAXXI in Rome
Zerocalcare prof for a day at MAXXI in Rome

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