At the Museo Stefano Bardini, the sculptures between past and contemporary by Kevin Francis Gray

Through Dec. 21, 2020, the Stefano Bardini Museum in Florence hosts Kevin Francis Gray's marble sculptures between the past and the contemporary.

The Museo Stefano Bardini is hosting the exhibition Kevin Francis Gray, dedicated to the Irish-born artist, until Dec. 21, 2020. Curated by Antonella Nesi, promoted by the Municipality of Florence and organized by MUS.E in collaboration with Eduardo Secci Contemporary, thanks to the support of Moaconcept, the exhibition aims to testify to the deep bond between Kevin Francis Gray (Armagh, 1972) and the Tuscan territory; however, this is the first time that the artist is exhibiting his works in Florence, seeking a direct dialogue with the great masters of the past.

Over twenty works made with different types of marble: statuary, Carrara, bardiglio, marquina, and a bronze work. The influence of the art of the past is evidenced in Kevin Francis Gray not only by his use of materials, but also by his love of the ephemeral, classical poses, and subjects shrouded in a timeless veil.

However, Gray’s sculptures also reveal their more contemporary nature: the use of the non-finite, the distortion of somatic features and their veiling refer to the more human and mysterious aspect of the artist. Thanks to the coexistence in his works of past and present, a link with classicism is created, while maintaining the necessary contact with the contemporary world and demonstrating that these two seemingly opposite worlds are reconcilable.

“Kevin Francis Gray’s works,” commented curator Antonella Nesi, “recall the most classical sculpture, made of technical perfection and tension toward impeccable aesthetic beauty. This is why his sculptures can dialogue with Hellenistic marbles, essential medieval sculptural forms, and the perfect Renaissance form of the Museo Stefano Bardini’s plastic collection.”

Indeed, the celebrated antiquarian had a special predilection for sculpture, collecting masterpieces by great artists, from Tino di Camaino to Nicola Pisano, from Donatello to Andrea della Robbia.

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Hours: Friday through Monday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Admission is limited; reservations are recommended at

Tickets: Full 7 euros, reduced 5.50 for university students and 18-25 year olds. Free up to 18 years old.

Image: Kevin Francis Gray, Reclining Nude II (2017, statuary marble, 95 x 215 x 83)

At the Museo Stefano Bardini, the sculptures between past and contemporary by Kevin Francis Gray
At the Museo Stefano Bardini, the sculptures between past and contemporary by Kevin Francis Gray

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