Chagall on display in Turin

Starting tomorrow, the Elena Salamon Arte Moderna art gallery in Turin will host the exhibition "Marc Chagall. The artist who painted fairy tales of love."

Russian artist Marc Chagall will be featured at the Elena Salamon Arte Moderna art gallery in Turin in an exhibition opening tomorrow, March 21, and ending May 20, 2017.

Sixty-three works will be on display: lithographs, etchings and punteseches, almost all in color, tracing part of the artistic activity of the painter (from 1925 to 1982), who is known for introducing floating figures, acrobats, lovers, and flying animals into his paintings.

In"Marc Chagall. TheArtist Who Painted Fairy Tales of Love," the title of the exhibition of lithographs,"Les Amoureux En Gris“ (1957), ”Maternité Au Centaure" (1957),"Ange du Paradis" (1956), and"Le rendez-vous" (1969) will be featured among other works.

Source: Press release

Image: Marc Chagall, Maternité au centaure (1957; color lithograph, 23 x 19.6 cm)

Chagall on display in Turin
Chagall on display in Turin

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