Christiane Löhr, the artist who creates works from direct contact with nature

From September 22 to November 2, 2019, I.D.E.A. (Independent Domus Exhibiting Art) presents the works of Christiane Löhr.

On September 22, 2019 I.D.E.A. (Independent Domus Exhibiting Art), the country residence a few kilometers from Lake Maggiore curated by Nicoletta Rusconi, presents a new appointment with Christiane Löhr (Wiesbaden, 1965).

During the summer period, Cascina Maria ’s spaces will host German artist in residence Christiane Löhr, who will have the opportunity to rediscover an intimate dimension in tune with the rhythm of her surroundings and produce new works. This experience will conclude with an exhibition in collaboration with Tucci Russo Studio for Contemporary Art (Torre Pellice) that can be visited from Sept. 22 to Nov. 2, 2019.

His work comes about precisely through direct contact with nature from which he draws materials such as plant stems, dandelions or ivy seeds, which the artist then uses to construct his delicate sculptures, miniature botanical architectures. Löhr uses horsehair to make drawings of various sizes. He balances the organic material to create structures that leave the viewer bewildered by their contrast between complexity and fragility.

The artist seems to follow a geometry intrinsic to the materials; the objects show themselves as examples of an imaginary architecture.

In the works on paper, where proportion and space are the central themes, the lines climb from the bottom of the page to the top edge and tend to conquer the space beyond the edge of the paper

The exhibition continues outside, in Cascina Maria’s sculpture park, with works by leading Italian and international artists, including Eric Bainbridge, Rosa Barba, Riccardo Beretta, Mattia Bosco, Francesco Candeloro, Letizia Cariello, Latifa Echakhch, Yona Friedman, Paul Gees, Eduard Habicher, Eva Kot’átková, Marco Andrea Magni, Pierre-Etienne Morelle, Anne & Patrick Poitier, and Alessandra Roveda.

Cascina Maria will be open to the public by appointment from September 23 to November 2, 2019.

Image: Christiane Löhr, Two small cylinders + small oval dome (2017). Ph.Credit Simon Vogel

Christiane Löhr, the artist who creates works from direct contact with nature
Christiane Löhr, the artist who creates works from direct contact with nature

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