Gio Pistone's feminine street art arrives in Livorno.

From Nov. 4 to Dec. 2, 2018, Livorno's Scali delle Cantine will host 'Diana,' a solo show by street artist Gio Pistone.

A solo show by Gio Pistone, a leading illustrator and artist on the national and international female street art scene, is coming to Livorno ’s Scali delle Cantine from November 4 to December 2, 2018: she will present Diana, a large mural dedicated to the goddess of Greco-Roman mythology, in the city. Diana (this is also the name of the solo show) also inaugurates the artistic season of the Parete Aperta festival conceived by the Uovo alla Pop gallery, an all-female art gallery also formed by Valeria Aretusi (architect), Viola Barbara (poet), Giulia Bernini (designer) and Libera Capezzone, aka Libertà (painter).

Gio Pistone is the first artist to arrive in Livorno to inaugurate the first major wall and a solo exhibition from Egg to Pop. The Diana mural, which will rise on the walls of the Asl Nord Ovest headquarters at 33 Via Passaponti, will be dedicated, as mentioned, to the eponymous goddess of women, sisterhood, protector of diversity, the one who, according to myths, as soon as she was born helped her mother give birth to Apollo. Diana, daughter of Zeus, in mythology is a symbol of the moon and wilderness, goes about the earthly world in a short saffron-colored tunic with red borders and a silver bow forged by the Cyclopes, from which she shoots her golden arrows with unerring aim. Diana is a Goddess who symbolizes autonomy, independence, female solidarity, ambition, tenacity, and empathy. As an archetype Diana represents the strength of women, the struggle for fulfillment and independence, tenacity in defending the weakest.

“For the idea of the project,” says Gio Pistone, “I was inspired by the particular shape of the building, circular without vertices at the top and the mysterious and almost sacred aspect of the union of curved and straight lines at the lowest part. I want to dedicate the painting of the building to the goddess Diana as a goddess of differences and inclusive and open power because her figure includes the sky, the earth, animals, insects, plants, rivers and every human species. Diana is a symbol that allows us to talk about equality, the common good, and acceptance, and it is important in these times to support these issues with all our means. The work will appear on these circular walls with the hope that it will always continue to be a place open to all and that from the multitude it will benefit and inspire.”

The official unveiling of the mural is scheduled for Sunday, Nov. 4, at 4 p.m., at the headquarters of Rsa Asl Nord Ovest, 33 Passaponti Street, which houses elderly people with frail conditions. The unveiling of the mural will continue with a solo exhibition of Gio Pistone’s works at the Egg to Pop Gallery at 6 p.m., on Scali delle Cantine 36/38, and a street art tour of the Garibaldi, Pontino and Venezia neighborhoods, in search of the street works that have enriched the city with stories, colors and poetic verse in recent months. The goddess Diana, in her lunar manifestation, has been the object of matriarchal and pantheistic worship in the witchcraft of Italian and European traditions. To the goddess the priestesses addressed themselves to ask for help and direct intervention intertwined with the great archetypes of life. The works selected by Gio Pistone for Uovo’s exhibition at Pop retrace Diana’s character and the worlds that the priestesses entrusted to her power: Love, Knowledge, Friendship, Envy, and Death, with his deep, dreamlike mark. “We have invested a lot in this project,” explains Valeria Aretusi of Egg to Pop, “and thanks to the collective donations we have received through crowdfunding we are leaving with Gio Pistone for a festival that will see us engaged for a whole year. We see Livorno more and more sensitive to the union of art, tourism and aggregation, and this is confirmed by the very participatory street art tours we have been conducting since this summer to tell the story of the street works of the artists we have hosted in artistic residency at Uovo alla Pop. All of this has been made possible by donations from our supporters and four sponsors who are fundamental to making our dream come true: Cromology for the paints with which we will create the works, Capo Verso snc who supports us for communication, Virtualmente Art who creates a 3-D photo exhibition of all our gallery shows, and Mollo Rental who will give us the mechanical arm with which Gio can climb to the top of the wall to be painted.”

For information you can visit the Egg to Pop website.

Pictured: Universe, a work by Gio Pistone at Campidarte, Ussana, Cagliari.

Gio Pistone's feminine street art arrives in Livorno.
Gio Pistone's feminine street art arrives in Livorno.

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