Giovanni De Lazzari's wall drawings are on display at Laveronica Gallery in Modica

Laveronica Gallery in Modica is hosting until Dec. 10 the exhibition 'In the Past of an Idea,' a solo show by Lombard artist Giovanni De Lazzari.

Laveronica arte contemporanea gallery in Modica ( Ragusa) is hosting, from August 12 until December 10, 2021, the new solo exhibition by Giovanni De Lazzari (Lecco, 1977) entitled Nel passato di un idea. The artist presents for the occasion a series of large drawings made on the walls of the gallery, the result of his recent research that has always used pencil drawing as a privileged tool. The works stage, once again, De Lazzari’s reflection on the relationship between form and content, between his own intimate and secret dimension and the one that only for a moment tries to become public, ending up being inevitably partial. To do this, imagination gives way to observation of nature, transforming drawing into a practice of everyday life.

The continuous tension between the complexity of one’s own imagination and the almost desperate attempt to put it on display sometimes places the artist’s work far from the viewer’s expectations, but in a strong relationship with the world and attributes to it a precious and increasingly rare characteristic, that of sincerity.

“In my house,” the artist says, “there is a shelf on which I store what I pick up from the ground; mostly these are fragments of nature to which death has bestowed a second beauty: crumpled leaves, branches, insects, but mostly tangles found at the edge of paths. By drawing them large on white walls I elevate what is minute, residual and close to decay, interpreting space as a nexus of subjectivity and objectivity. In the complication of knots and interrupted paths these natural elements correspond to apparent psychic harmonies, within which all certainty is only a provisional attribution of meaning. Gestures and lines determine a second physical origin of thought of which one part, through the sign, emerges as a trace leaving the other submerged. In the context of boating, ’living work’ is defined as the portion of the hull that is below the surface of the water; ’dead work’ as that which is surfacing. The reference is dear to me because it expresses the reciprocity of two levels, one evident and the other hidden, which are fundamental to an image. That is to say, the form always alludes to what it conceals; it never reveals, if anything, it suggests.”

For all information, you can visit Laveronica’s official website.

Pictured: Giovanni De Lazzari Untitled (2014; pencil on paper, 44 x 44 cm)

Giovanni De Lazzari's wall drawings are on display at Laveronica Gallery in Modica
Giovanni De Lazzari's wall drawings are on display at Laveronica Gallery in Modica

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