In Barga a group show on the absence of time in abstract and dreamlike places

The collective exhibition "The Painting of the Imaginative" by Tuscan artists Claudio Cargiolli, Marco Manzella, and Alessandro Tofanelli is on display at Le Stanze della Memoria Museum in Barga until Aug. 31, 2022.

Until Aug. 31, 2022, Le Stanze della Memoria Museum in Barga is hosting a group exhibition entitled The Painting of the Imaginative by Tuscan artists Claudio Cargiolli, Marco Manzella and Alessandro Tofanelli, curated by Lucia Morelli.

Organized by Bernabò Home Gallery with the patronage of the Ministry of Culture, the Regional Council of Tuscany, the Province of Lucca and the Municipality of Barga, thanks to the contribution of Idrotherm 2000 S.p.a, the exhibition refers, as announced by the title, to theabsence of time that characterizes the works on display, made of concrete matter and labile light, of small details that conceal a world. Abstract places, dreamlike places, ephemeral places, which resonate among the stones of Barga, a village loved and appreciated by artists and poets.

The exhibition, set up inside Le Stanze della Memoria Museum, includes more than thirty paintings, many of them unpublished, made by Claudio Cargiolli (Ponzanello,1952), Marco Manzella (Livorno, 1962) and Alessandro Tofanelli (Viareggio, 1959).

“In a purely alphabetical order,” writes Giovanni Faccenda, “we know Claudio Cargiolli as a virtuoso interpreter of a cultured surrealism, ennobled by endogenous influences that refer to ancient aristocrats: from the Primitive Masters to those of the Italian Renaissance. Marco Manzella, on the other hand, appears rather an inspired cantor of a realism that would sometimes be said to be nostalgic, continually embellished by memorial reflections, abandonments that personal soothsaying, whether they belong to the sphere of illusions or to the more bitter one of disenchantments. Of Alessandro Tofanelli, on the other hand, we could emphasize how the subjects of his paintings are, indeed, all sentimental self-portraits: places, foreshortenings, views and visions that belong to his life as a man and as an artist as footholds or - better said - essential references, indispensable hinges when doubts thicken in the mind without the comfort of any, remote, fleeting certainty. Here, then, is painting intervening salvifically, showing the most sensitive horizons of the mind where it is still given to encounter some evanescent reverberation of utopias that have never waned, the last gleams of daydreams, the luminous trail of a now-lost North Star.”

The exhibition can be visited daily with hours 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.-2:30 p.m. Free admission.

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Image: Claudio Cargiolli, Nihil aliud quam pulvis (2021; oil and gold on panel, 30 x 25 cm)

In Barga a group show on the absence of time in abstract and dreamlike places
In Barga a group show on the absence of time in abstract and dreamlike places

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