In Parma an unpublished exhibition dedicated to Pasolini and his Parma encounters

From Dec. 8, 2022 to March 26, 2023, APE Parma Museo presents a never-before-seen exhibition on Pasolini's acquaintances, friendships, and collaborations with cultural figures in Parma.

On the occasion of the centenary celebrations of the birth of Pier Paolo Pasolini (Bologna, 1922 - Rome, 1975), APE Parma Museo presents from Dec. 8, 2022 to March 26, 2023 an unprecedented exhibition dedicated to the Bolognese poet, writer and filmmaker’s connection with the city of Parma. Titled Pier Paolo Pasolini and Parma. Encounters of a Visionary, the exhibition aims to offer new insights into Pasolini’s complex and articulated production. The exhibition project is realized by the Monteparma Foundation together with the Stanley Kubrick Cinema Circle under the patronage of the City of Parma and is supported by the Emilia-Romagna Region.

The various sections delve into the frequentations, friendships and collaborations Pasolini had, particularly from the 1950s onward, with personalities from the world of culture in Parma: among them, the poet Attilio Bertolucci and his son, the director Bernardo Bertolucci, the publisher Ugo Guandalini, the writer and literary critic Mario Colombi Guidotti, Antonio Marchi with Cittadella Film, as well as the writer and screenwriter Giovannino Guareschi and the actors of the Centro Universitario Teatrale di Parma. Also documented are the relationships with the circle of intellectuals that revolved around the magazine Palatina, whose activities Pasolini greatly appreciated.

The exhibition recounts Pier Paolo Pasolini’s various encounters in Parma, up to his last stop in the ducal city on the occasion of the soccer match between the crews of the films Salò or the 120 Days of Sodom and Novecento: a substantial series of photographs taken by Gideon Bachman is dedicated to this event.

There is also a significant selection of shots taken from the 1950s to the 1970s by photographers such as Carlo Bavagnoli, Carlo Gajani, Cecilia Mangini, Domenico Notarangelo and Roberto Villa.

The proposed materials, many of which have never been exhibited or published, were selected by film scholar Primo Giroldini, who carried out an in-depth historical research project, investigating, through the filter of his Parma acquaintances, moments in Pasolini’s life and work. In addition to numerous photographs, manuscripts, poems, screenplays and posters from private collections, associations, and public and private institutions are on display: Parma State Archives (Attilio Bertolucci Archives), Giovannino Guareschi Archives of Parma, Roberto Villa Archives, Cinemazero Cultural Association of Pordenone, Pier Paolo Pasolini Association of Matera (Domenico Notarangelo Fund), Centro Studi Movimenti of Parma (Benassi Fund, Bocelli Fund, Dall’Aglio Fund), CSAC - Study Center and Communication Archives of theUniversity of Parma (Carlo Gajani Fund), Erratacorrige - Cinema del reale (Cecilia Mangini Fund), Cariparma Foundation (Carlo Bavagnoli Fund), Gazzetta di Parma, Istituto Storico Parri of Bologna and Anna Marchi (Antonio Marchi Fund), Mariangela and Eleonora Guandalini, Isa Guastalla, Campari Family and Tito Pioli.

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Hours: Tuesday through Sunday from 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Image: Carlo Bavagnoli, Pier Paolo Pasolini with Attilio Bertolucci. Carlo Bavagnoli Fund @ Fondazione Cariparma Art Collections.

In Parma an unpublished exhibition dedicated to Pasolini and his Parma encounters
In Parma an unpublished exhibition dedicated to Pasolini and his Parma encounters

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