Lucio Perone's irony stars in solo exhibition that opens Imago Murgantia program

From August 8 to 19, 2018, contemporary sculptor Lucio Perone is featured in a solo exhibition in Morcone (Benevento), which opens the program 'Imago Murgantia'

From Aug. 8 to 19, 2018, Lucio Perone (Rotondi, 1972), an acclaimed contemporary Italian sculptor, will exhibit his works in a solo exhibition, simply titled Lucio Perone, set up at the San Bernardino Auditorium in Morcone(Benevento). The exhibition kicks off the Imago Murgantia project, a path by which the city of Morcone intends to give space to the visual arts with the aim of reviving the historic center in the cultural field as well.

Lucio Perone, an artist present in important public and private, Italian and international collections, whose language in sculpture invites a positive and ironic reflection, will animate the historic center according to a vision of mixing ancient and contemporary, in communion with the architectural games of the former Church of San Bernardino. Perone’s art proposes a mixture linked to the territory that intersects with another dimension, one that looks far and yet takes its cue from objects of everyday, human living, transported into a dreamlike, surreal sphere and forge of rethinking the already known.

The review, curated by Azzurra Immediato (coordinator of Imago Murgantia) and Massimo Mattioli, includes the exhibition of two large installations by Lucio Perone related to the concept of new delineation and image, alongside three other sculptural works, capable of placing the viewer in dialogue with the space but also with the more intimate reflection related to the ultimate meaning of Perone’s works and research. The choice of not titling the works is aimed at placing the works themselves in a sort of “limbo” in which the reading is postponed to the intellectual game between artist and audience and the desire to open to art through a path that is playful as well as didactic and artistic. But that’s not all: the curators’ idea, in fact, was to intervene in a historic center with an artistic action that would shake up the old town, to an extent in which the sharing of art could become appealing to a cross-sectional audience, from children to adults, according to different degrees of interpretation.

“The artist,” writes Azzurra Immediato in the catalog, “chooses a phenomenology that surprises, makes one smile, animates the space with which she comes into contact to become a foresight yet to be revealed.” “The realism of these objects and the sharp and vibrant chromatic backgrounds,” Massimo Mattioli suggests instead to frame Perone’s art, "should not, however, place them in the sphere of Pop Art: the latent irony and the unsettling approach, if anything, place Perone’s work in a Dadaist sphere, together with a sensitive conceptual component, evident especially in the refined and pregnant titles."

The Imago Murgantia program, on the other hand, is a project that aims at the delineation of a new imago urbis, image of the city, starting from the contemporary until it binds with the cultural and historical tradition of a glorious past. A metaphor for the change of Morcone, a change to be rewritten, starting not only from everything that concerns the daily and urban living of a community but also thanks to art.

The Lucio Perone exhibition is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to noon and 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to noon and 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Admission is free. Information is available by calling 3479472408, emailing, visiting the Morcone Municipality website or visiting Imago Murgantia’s Facebook page orInstagram account.

Image: Lucio Perone, Untitled (2001; wood, PVC and paint, 500 x 380 cm)

Lucio Perone's irony stars in solo exhibition that opens Imago Murgantia program
Lucio Perone's irony stars in solo exhibition that opens Imago Murgantia program

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