Milan dedicates an exhibition to Turcato and Schifano

Giovanni Bonelli Gallery in Milan is hosting the exhibition Turcato and Schifano. On Painting. Through April 15, 2018.

Inside the Giovanni Bonelli Gallery in Milan is running until April 15, 2018 the exhibition"Turcato and Schifano. On Painting."

The exhibition presents to the public two celebrated artists of the second half of the Italian 20th century: Giulio Turcato (Mantua, 1912 - Rome, 1995) and Mario Schifano (Homs, Libya, 1934 - Rome, 1998).

As curator Marco Meneguzzo states, these two artists “had in common a modus operandi that we could define as compulsive. They had in their DNA the impulse to produce a lot, in a way that was also penalizing, if one thinks of certain reactions of today’s market. However, it was impossible for them to do otherwise: they had to devote themselves to so many things, jumping almost seamlessly from one project to another.”

Visitors, through this exhibition, can delve into the art of the two artists: about thirty works, equally divided, to learn about their artistic journey.

Giulio Turcato’s works on display include Lunar Surfaces on foam rubber (one from 1968, the other from 1970), Tranquillanti on canvas (early 1960s and almost gestural works such as Alleluja (early 1970s).

By Mario Schifano a large self-portrait from 1979 and a series of works with mixed media on canvas or paper made between 1962 and 1984.

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Hours: Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Closed Sundays and Mondays. On the occasion of MIArt, the exhibition will exceptionally remain open also on Sunday, April 15, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Free admission.

Image: Mario Schifano, Overlooking Painter (1979; oil and enamel on canvas and wood, 193 x 172 cm)

Milan dedicates an exhibition to Turcato and Schifano
Milan dedicates an exhibition to Turcato and Schifano

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