Omar Galliani and his deep connection with the East told in an exhibition in Reggio Emilia

Omar Galliani's art is deeply connected to the East: an exhibition in Reggio Emilia deepens this relationship.

Vicolo Folletto Art Factories in Reggio Emilia offers from December 2, 2018 to February 28, 2019 the exhibition"Omar Galliani. Cards of the East. Cards of the West," through which the public will learn about the bond between Omar Galliani and the East, a relationship now established in his works that has become an indelible mark.

During his many sojourns in China, Korea, India and Vietnam, Galliani created many masterpieces on paper that bear witness to this profound bond.

About twenty works and a series of sheets from travel notebooks will be on display in the exhibition: pencil, charcoal and ink drawings on Oriental-made papers, some precious. Among the works on display are two large canvases dedicated to Princess Lyu Ji, whose story moved the artist deeply.

Galliani himself said, “Between East and West I rediscovered that red thread that had long run through my drawings. Between East and West I stained, traced, filled and dried the inkwells of time. A short and long time in which silk and rice paper welcomes the mark, then dilutes it in the transparency of water. Watermarks melt and mutate under the need of the subject. A short and long time has passed through my travels in China, Korea, India, and Vietnam, always bringing me back home, to my atelier, there where fog cancels and modifies perspective planes and where reality merges with dream. These drawings are the legacy of those travels, where the rolled papers reopened on the poplar table in my studio, thousands of miles away from the immense baobab trees or the fragrant agarwoods of the Orient. You can carry paper with you, a light weight and indispensable support for knowledge of art history and its distant and unpredictable geographies, connected by artists a thousand years before the advent of the Internet. Paper is like our skin: it changes over time, yellowing by staining in the sun. Scars, tattoos, cuts, erasures, regrets, words, notes, eyes, lips, bodies, stars, planets, abstractions, mathematics, infinite numbers. And so much more is the paper of my drawings.”

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Hours: Friday and Saturday 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 4 to 7:30 p.m. or by appointment.

Free admission.

Image: Omar Galliani, Far from Xian (2006; ink on paper, 73 x 273 cm #1)

Omar Galliani and his deep connection with the East told in an exhibition in Reggio Emilia
Omar Galliani and his deep connection with the East told in an exhibition in Reggio Emilia

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