One day in London: twenty-seven photographs by Nino Migliori are on display in Macerata

From Feb. 6 to March 6, 2020, Palazzo Buonaccorsi in Macerata opens the exhibition One day in London, an initiative promoted by DDP AV3 Asur, the Macerata Academy of Fine Arts and the Municipality of Macerata, with the collaboration of Macerata Musei.

Part of the fourth edition of the In-dependence Festival, the exhibition displays unpublished photographs by Nino Migliori (Bologna, 1926) that the artist presented to the students of theMacerata Academy of Fine Arts as part of a meeting held last Dec. 4. These works, skillfully measured to the technological tools used, represent profound reflections on the concept of personal identity and independence, intimate and courageous tales, expressions of hidden and revealed desires.

The exhibition thus showcases an artist in further evolution, with new techniques and new perspectives on how London presents itself to the traveler, the result of an independent and out-of-the-box vision. The exhibition, curated by Roberto Maggiori, is divided into three sections: from the bright colors of Camden Market, to the tables of a pub marked by the passage of patrons, and finally an unusual, additional view again, the one enjoyed by observing the shadows from the frosted glass of a museum. In all, 27 shots, printed in large format.

“Nino Migliori,” explains the director of the Academy of Fine Arts, Rossella Ghezzi, “testified to the importance of photography in stopping everything that stirs an emotion to create stories to be made public and shared, and this is the most pregnant sense underlying his work. On that occasion, not only did the artist show students and the city of Macerata his work, but he allowed the entire community to grasp that experimental spirit that moves the gazes of tomorrow’s creatives. With this same spirit, today Nino Migliori gives himself back to the city of Macerata, paging through an exhibition that tells his story as a photographer but also his present gaze constantly aimed at the future.”

A contest entitled One day in Macerata is planned during the exhibition, which will take place over the course of a single day on Thursday, Feb. 13, 2020, at the Palazzo Buonaccorsi. The workshop will include a short meeting at 3 p.m. in which the objective will be explained: to photograph with one’s smartphone something that is able to tell about oneself and others, the territory we live in, in short to make photos a tool for knowledge, to ask questions, to investigate reality, as Migliori argues. Participating young people will only have a few hours, in which they will independently move around in search of the right shot, until the meeting time set for 7 p.m.

For all information you can visit the official website of the Macerata Academy of Fine Arts.

Pictured: Nino Migliori, Cuprum (2015).

One day in London: twenty-seven photographs by Nino Migliori are on display in Macerata
One day in London: twenty-seven photographs by Nino Migliori are on display in Macerata

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