The Griffoni Polyptych will (finally) be seen live. Meanwhile, Sky Arte is dedicating a special

From May 18, it will be possible to see the reunited Griffoni Polyptych live. Meanwhile, on April 30, Sky Arte is dedicating a special to the masterpiece.

Sky Arte is dedicating a special episode to the Griffoni Polyptych, a masterpiece of the Italian 15th century that has been reunited, after three hundred years, in Bologna ’s Palazzo Fava on the occasion of the exhibition, promoted by Genus Bononiae, that was supposed to open to the public on March 12 and will be available to visit live from May 18.

The exclusive documentary, entitled The Rediscovery of a Masterpiece - The Griffoni Polyptych, will air on Thursday, April 30 at 8:40 p.m. on Sky Arte (Sky channels 120 and 400). It is a story that will allow viewers to follow the stages of packing and remounting of the panels, learn about the human events that are intertwined around the work and the historical-artistic insights dedicated to the masterpiece by two masters of the Italian Renaissance, Francesco del Cossa and Ercole de’ Roberti.

Numerous experts spoke in the documentary produced by 3D Produzioni: curator Mauro Natale, Fabio Roversi-Monaco, creator of the exhibition and president of Genus Bononiae. Museums in the City, Pinacoteca di Brera Director James Bradburne, and Factum Foundation President Adam Lowe.

"The monographic episode that Sky Arte is dedicating to the Griffoni Polyptych is a further demonstration of the grandeur of this dispersed work, its fascinating history, and the relevance of the exhibition that has now reassembled it,“ commented Roversi-Monaco. ”After Premier Conte’s conference on Sunday, April 26, we finally have a possible date for the reopening of the museums, May 18. We had already asked and obtained from the lending museums of the panels of the Polyptych the possibility of an extension of the loans, which were initially granted until June 28: now that we also have a reopening date, it will be possible to resume the dialogue with the various interlocutors, including international ones, to agree on the actual extension of the exhibition and the timing. We hope that also thanks to the viewing of the episode there will be many who will decide to buy their tickets online, as an act of trust and support for the world of culture, which is extremely tried by this emergency, and also as support for public health. In fact, we immediately decided to translate into a concrete gesture the gratitude we feel towards our health facilities and, for every ticket sold until the opening of the show, 5 euros will be donated to the Infectious Diseases Operative Unit of the Sant’Orsola Polyclinic, on the front line of the Coronavirus emergency. Thus the purchase of a ticket also becomes a gesture of solidarity."

The purchase of tickets online will be, in the first phase of reopening, the only mode granted to better manage the flows inside Palazzo Fava: among the measures prepared by Genus for safe access, there will be predefined visit times, temperature detection of visitors, mandatory masks and routes, sanitization of environments and provision of sanitizing gel and personal protective equipment.

Pictured is the reconstructive hypothesis of the Griffoni Polyptych.

The Griffoni Polyptych will (finally) be seen live. Meanwhile, Sky Arte is dedicating a special
The Griffoni Polyptych will (finally) be seen live. Meanwhile, Sky Arte is dedicating a special

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