Waterheaven by Francesco Bosso: water as a creative force.

CAMERA's Project Room in Turin offers until May 26, 2019, the solo exhibition of photographer Francesco Bosso: Waterheaven.

Until May 26, 2019, the Project Room of CAMERA - Centro Italiano per la Fotografia in Turin is hosting a solo exhibition by Francesco Bosso (Barletta, 1959), entitled Waterheaven.

The artist analyzes the pure and wild natural landscape to emphasize man’s relationship with his origins in uninhabited places.

In this exhibition, curated by Walter Guadagnini, the photographer presents a project born from several series of shots taken in recent years and dedicated in particular to seascapes. For him,water becomes a creative force, the protagonist of twenty images characterized by an accurate printing process that intensifies the cleanliness of whites and the depth of contrasts. Waterheaven is intended to be an image journey through the fascinating creative force of water, between vision and reality, in a succession of evocations and fragments of memories. “With its constant flow, water represents the primordial liquid that creates, shapes, and modifies the world, in a continuous and eternal motion of transformation,” the artist emphasizes.

Among the photographs on display are images of waterfalls made in Iceland, included in the series Golden Light (2012), or views from Last Diamonds (2015), a series made at the Sermeq Kujalleq glacier near the village of Ilulissat, Greenland. While in the former case the author enters into a relationship with space and makes visible the intimacy of a place through photography, in the latter he has gathered strong emotions, the fluidity of an unsettling natural landscape, to document its fragility and reflect on the consequences of global warming.

“Through the medium of photography, Bosso communicates an ethic of protection and preservation of the natural landscape: with a skillful use of black and white tones, he celebrates his subjects while at the same time alerting the viewer to the fragility and uniqueness of this heritage. Phenomena such as massive urbanization and the concentration of more and more people in cities characterize contemporary life, expelling the natural landscape from the everyday imagination. Bosso puts it back at the center of attention, also documenting its transformations and the deleterious effects of the carelessness with which humans relate to nature,” explains the curator.

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Image: Francesco Bosso, Floating Island, 2018, Indonesia

Waterheaven by Francesco Bosso: water as a creative force.
Waterheaven by Francesco Bosso: water as a creative force.

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