A collaboration between museums and a major league team: it happens in Pistoia

Sports and museums together to promote their respective fields. It's happening in Pistoia, where the Pistoia Musei Foundation and the city's leading basketball team, Estra Pistoia, playing in the A series, are forging an agreement for joint marketing and communication actions.

Sports and culture together to raise awareness of the city of Pistoia. In the Tuscan city, the city’s main basketball team, A.S. Pistoia Basket 2000, known as Estra Pistoia for sponsorship reasons, which plays in the Serie A championship, has in fact entered into an agreement with the Pistoia Musei ETS Foundation to promote the name of Pistoia: the club that plays in Italy’s top basketball league and the instrumental entity of Fondazione Caript that manages four museum venues in the heart of the city’s historic center (the Museum of the Ancient Palace of Bishops, the Museum of San Salvatore, Collections of the Twentieth Century at Palazzo de’ Rossi, and Palazzo Buontalenti) thus join forces by activating a close operational collaboration in their respective areas of expertise.

The collaboration comes as a result of the work of the Foundation’s director Monica Preti and Pistoia Basket’s marketing advisor Andrea Di Nino, who have been working together on several projects that will be carried out in the coming months, some of which will begin as early as the next few weeks.

How will this collaboration be substantiated? The first move is a discount for basketball lovers: on the occasion of the exhibition ’60 Pop Art Italia, set up at Palazzo Buontalenti, from March 16 to July 14, 2024, all season ticket holders and members of Pistoia Basket’s youth sector as well as the Project will be able to visit the exhibition that reconstructs the vicissitudes of Pop Art in Italy, through its major exponents, paying areduced price of admission; the ticket will also allow free access to all other Fondazione Pistoia Musei exhibition venues.

“This partnership,” said Pistoia Basket Marketing Advisor Andrea Di Nino, “once again testifies to the club’s continuing desire to be an innovator in the world of Italian basketball. From today, common marketing and communication actions will be developed, but above all, soon the Pistoia Basket fan community will have new and exclusive opportunities to access the world of culture. The foresight of President Capecchi and Director Preti have facilitated my work by making a marriage between sports and art a completely natural one that will give satisfaction to both parties.”

“Our goal is to open our museums, exhibitions and initiatives to new audiences, convinced that art and culture can represent a universal language. Art and sports are two expressions linked to our history and community spirit, and through this collaboration we aim to strengthen those ties,” said Monica Preti, director of Fondazione Pistoia Musei.

Commented Estra Pistoia Basket President Massimo Capecchi: “I think it is very important, in addition to being a source of great pride for our club, to be able to announce this collaboration agreement with Fondazione Pistoia Musei, one of the main cultural realities of the city. From our point of view, I think this is another particularly significant piece of the path of bonding and rootedness that, since last summer, Pistoia Basket has undertaken at all levels to be present in an important way even off the court with initiatives that range from schools to social, from culture to events. For my part, and on behalf of the entire white-and-red board of directors, I can only thank the president and director of Fondazione Pistoia Musei for enthusiastically joining this new synergy.”

“This collaboration,” stressed the president of Fondazione Pistoia Musei, Antonio Marrese, “enhances our cultural offerings by allowing us to engage different audiences. We are convinced that joining these two forces will create a positive impact on our community and also promote the city’s image as an attractive place for sports and culture.”

Photo: the Museum of the Ancient Palace of Bishops

A collaboration between museums and a major league team: it happens in Pistoia
A collaboration between museums and a major league team: it happens in Pistoia

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