A new city museum is coming to Genoa. Here is the final design

Unveiled the final design of the new Museum of the History of the City of Genoa. It will be housed in the Loggia di Banchi.

Genoa will have a new Museum of the History of the City: unveiled in mid-December, the final design of the new museum venue aims to create a center for the enhancement of Genoa’s cultural heritage. It will be based in the Loggia di Banchi and is intended to be a cultural and identity reference point for the city.

It will tell the story of Genoa from its origins to the present day: in a layout that is intended to be innovative, dynamic, multimedia and scenic, the themes that most characterize the city, as well as its historical and urban evolution, will be highlighted. Conceived as a gateway to the Ligurian capital, it will also be a space designed to direct visitors to discover the artistic heritage housed in Genoa’s museums, the ancient palaces of the 16th century, and the rich and complex historical urban fabric.

It will focus not only on its collection, but also on storytelling and the ability to engage different audiences: in fact, it will be a museum aimed at everyone, a space for exchanges and encounters, an inner urban square, founded on a continuous dialogue between city and museum.

“Our origins, history and tradition, culture and customs: all this in one physical place,” said Mayor Marco Bucci. “This is the goal of the Museum of the History of the City, a place where tourists can discover who we are and the Genoese can rediscover whose children we are: who we were in the past to understand who we want to be in the future. The rediscovery of our pride, the spirit of belonging to the community are values that we have touched with our own hands in recent years, even because of events that we never wanted to experience, but which have shown the true essence of us Genoese. Having once again appreciated the flag of St. George as a symbol that unites us, we will also soon have the opportunity to relive centuries of glorious history. Our heartfelt thanks to the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation, which was willing to follow us in this important and valuable project.”

“This is a new narrative and museum concept, in close relationship between physical and digital and capable of expressing a strong identity,” added Cultural Policy Councilor Barbara Grosso. “The Museum of the History of the City will be an iconic place of urban self-representation, and within it one will be able to breathe the magnificence of a past rich in glory, industriousness and spirit of initiative. Elements of a Genoeseness characterized by extensive territorial development and a strong drive toward the new.”

The project has a total cost of about 2,700,000 euros and will be divided into three lots: the first two, which will be contracted soon through a tender, concern the design and layout, while the third will concern the completion of the museum. The Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation is supporting executive design and works of the intervention, with a total amount of 1,600,000 euros, provided under the 2019-2020 Framework Protocol with the City of Genoa.

“Our Foundation works to enhance the cultural and creative identities of each territory and to make it more usable and attractive to tourism. The Museum of the History of Genoa and the important recovery of the Loggia della Mercanzia represent an opportunity for growth both for the city and for the people who inhabit it and who will choose it as a space where new opportunities for knowledge, work and development can be born. It is with this conviction,” said Alberto Anfossi, secretary general of the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation, “that we have agreed to work alongside the city of Genoa in the creation of a common good, a museum that tells its story so that future generations can also benefit from this wealth, because we think it can be an element of identity for citizens and of attractiveness for visitors because, finally, we believe it is an opportunity to show how the redestination and recovery of an asset can create the conditions to offer a sustainable vision of culture, from an economic and social point of view.”

Designed by Milan-based Migliore+Servetto Architects in collaboration with Genoa-based Go-Up Architects, the project for the new Loggia will create an inclusive and hospitable space where it will be possible to discover and rediscover the city’s strong identity, between tradition and innovation.

Visitors will walk down the grand interior staircase that will lead them down a dual museum path: toward the ground floor, where the museum dedicated to the history of Genoa is developed, and upward, to a place of exchange and insight that offers a glimpse into the present and future of the Genoese territory. An immersive projection visible both from outside and inside the building is developed on the wide vault to enhance the inclusive vocation of this museum that opens to the city.

Ph.Credit Municipality of Genoa

A new city museum is coming to Genoa. Here is the final design
A new city museum is coming to Genoa. Here is the final design

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