Boboli Garden becomes literary garden: guided tours through the words of great writers

Guided tours of the Boboli Garden through the words of the great writers who were fascinated by it: kicking off Boboli Literary Garden.

The Boboli Gardens becomes a literary garden: from Tuesday, May 18, 2021, the Boboli Gardens will offer guided tours through the words of great writers. Authors who were fascinated by it include names such as Henry James, Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, Fedor Dostoevsky, Eugenio Montale and Herman Hesse.

Therefore, the Boboli Literary Garden initiative is starting, which consists of guided tours in Italian and English, included in the price of the regular admission ticket to Boboli, to be held every Tuesday and Thursday at 10 a.m. To participate, reservations must be made by the Friday before the chosen date by writing to

The tour will last about two hours and will begin in front of the central gate of the Pitti Palace. Groups (for a maximum of ten people per date) will follow the order in which email reservations are received.

It will be possible to find out about Goethe, who stayed in Florence for only a few hours but found time to visit the Grand Ducal Garden, or Henry James, who talked about it in his travel notebook, Italian Hours, published in 1909, in which he confessed to being affected by a kind of “Italy sickness.” Or even Eugenio Montale who used to go there, when he lived in Florence, to declaim poems to his muse. Guiding visitors to discover unprecedented viewpoints on the words of writers will be Gabriele Morandi.

“We want to offer never-before-seen paths to allow those who return to the Boboli Gardens to be able to relive it with new eyes,” stressed the director of the Uffizi Galleries Eike Schmidt. “We celebrate, in this way, also the central role in the history and development of Italian and also European culture played by the Grand Ducal Garden.”

“We are delighted to launch this project,” added Garden Coordinator Bianca Maria Landi, “with which Boboli declines the sense of its membership in the European Route of Historic Gardens, perfectly interpreting the Network’s theme for the year, which is ’Gardens Builders of European Identity.’ Many artists and writers have become the narrating voice of its beauty and over time have contributed to making the Garden known in Europe and around the world, thus reinforcing the sign of a shared cultural identity.”

Boboli Garden becomes literary garden: guided tours through the words of great writers
Boboli Garden becomes literary garden: guided tours through the words of great writers

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