Florence's museums tell their stories on Zoom. Four different proposals for getting to know them

A calendar of appointments on Zoom to learn about Florentine museums: this is the proposal launched by the museums of the City and the Metropolitan City.

Starting Tuesday, Nov. 24, the Metropolitan City, the Municipality of Florence and MUS.E are promoting a busy calendar of digital events involving Florence’s museums(Museo di Palazzo Vecchio, Museo Stefano Bardini, Museo di Santa Maria Novella, Cappella Brancacci, Museo di Palazzo Medici Riccardi, Museo Novecento, MAD - Murate Art District, World Heritage historical center), allowing those who wish to do so to continue to visit them even during the painful closure phase imposed by the ongoing health emergency. A true refreshment of museums, which in this way complements the government’s measures to restore energy to those who want it.

Art at Home, Half an Hour of Art, Half an Hour with Raphael, and Talking about museums are the four proposals thanks to which art and culture, vital refreshment especially in the current historical moment, can be accessed every week in one’s home. A set of initiatives that, carried out in collaboration with Opera per Santa Maria Novella, will allow city museums to renew their commitment alongside society by not ceasing to offer opportunities to reflect, question and learn as well as to keep us company and read everyday life in a new way.

Opening the schedule on Tuesday, Nov. 24, is a proposal developed as part of the Art at Home project, in dialogue with theWorld Heritage and UNESCO RelationsOffice of the City of Florence. Called Scorci fiorentini (Florentine Glimpses), it is curated by Carlo Francini, Giaele Monaci and Valentina Zucchi and is dedicated to the correlation between the city’s museums and the diffuse museum in the historic center, inviting visitors to ideally stroll through the city of the past to discover its views over the centuries. A journey through time between arts and architecture in five installments, which you can join as Unicoop members, on alternate Tuesdays, always at 6 p.m., via zoom platform.

On Wednesday, Nov. 25, the week continues by giving appointment, on the MUS.E Florence Facebook page, with Talking about Museums, a cycle of digital meetings already underway since September that, on alternate Wednesdays, always at 6 p.m., will continue to see involved in dialogue with Valentina Zucchi, head of cultural mediation for MUS.E, professionals from the world of culture in order to discuss the present and the near future of museums.

On Friday, Nov. 27, the first week of appointments ends with Half an Hour with Raphael, a series of digital encounters, scheduled on alternate Fridays, always at 6 p.m., on zooms dedicated to the Florentine period of the Urbino artist, collateral to the exhibition Raphael and Florence, which opened last Oct. 31 in the Sala d’Arme of Palazzo Vecchio and was temporarily suspended. Raphael Sanzio.

Kicking off from Tuesday, Dec. 1, as part of Mezz’ora d’arte, virtual zoom tours lasting about 30 minutes that guide the discovery of Florentine museums, a new cycle dedicated to the Museo Novecento with five appointments curated by Elisabetta Stumpo and Valentina Zucchi, scheduled on alternate Tuesdays, always at 6 p.m.

Also enriching this schedule is a wide range of extra content, which will be regularly offered on the social channels of MUS.E Florence, Museo Novecento, Palazzo Medici Riccardi and Murate Art District, with a weekly schedule consisting of video stories inside the museums, 360-degree immersive photographs of them, in-depth insights, game columns and trivia to learn about and rediscover the beauty of Florence’s museums.

All initiatives are free to participate. Only the initiatives on zoom platform are by compulsory reservation.

Reservations: by writing to info@muse.comune.fi.it indicating name, surname, chosen day. The service is active from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., please wait for email confirmation of reservation. Participation is free of charge, subject to availability. Reservations are required. It will only be possible to book one meeting at a time. Please book only in case of actual and certain participation in the visit. Should unforeseen impediments arise, it is necessary to cancel by 2 p.m. on the day of the visit in order to free up any availability.

How to participate: those booked, after an initial confirmation email, will receive a second email by 5 p.m. on the day of the virtual visit with credentials to be able to access Zoom, from a computer, tablet or smartphone. You can participate in the visits by downloading the Zoom APP to your device and registering for free. Once installed, simply click on the link received to participate in the visit. Alternatively, you will be able to log into the “join a meeting” section directly from the Zoom website by entering the meeting ID and password you received.

For the full program, you can visit the official website of MUS.E or the City of Florence.

Florence's museums tell their stories on Zoom. Four different proposals for getting to know them
Florence's museums tell their stories on Zoom. Four different proposals for getting to know them

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