"Green" turn at the Royal Palace of Caserta: stop cars in the Royal Park

The Royal Palace of Caserta accelerates its green turn and imposes a stop on staff cars inside the Royal Park. Electric vehicles will be used.

The Royal Palace of Caserta is helping the environment, and it is doing so with a measure aimed at minimizing its impact on the Royal Park: in fact, the management has imposed a stop on staff cars in the Royal Park. Reggia workers will have to use small electric vehicles to move around the vast park. Until now, in fact, they used to use their own private transportation to move around the large Park (more than 3 kilometers of the waterway axis alone and about 123 hectares in total), in order to reach the various security posts.

“Up to now,” reads a note from the Reggia, “such travel has taken place through the use of one’s own vehicles, motor vehicles, often even large ones, which are poorly reconciled with the principles of ecology and sustainability as well as with the image of a green museum.” Of course, visitors were already banned from entering with their own vehicles, and the ban on access also imposed on staff is seen at the Reggia as a step forward in the Vanvitellian Complex’s “green revolution.”

The stop will come into effect when the Reggia equips itself with electric vehicles, which are environmentally friendly, type-approved and can also become a distinctive feature of the site, according to the Reggia’s management. The Reggia is therefore now looking for economic operators interested in the rental supply of approved two-seater and single-seater electric vehicles to be given to staff on duty.

The Royal Palace of Caserta has already published an exploratory notice to collect expressions of interest aimed at conducting a negotiated procedure. The supply is for the rental of a minimum of 3 single-seaters and 3 two-seaters. The supplier will have to ensure for the entire period (three years) the perfect functioning of the vehicle in relation to the morphological characteristics of the Royal Park; branding of all vehicles and exclusive use in the Royal Palace of Caserta; periodic cleaning and sanitization of the vehicles and compliance with current sanitary regulations; periodic maintenance; decorum and possible further adaptation to low environmental impact technologies of the vehicles. Applications must be submitted by noon on November 23, 2020, information is already available on the website of the Royal Palace of Caserta.

"Green" turn at the Royal Palace of Caserta: stop cars in the Royal Park

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