Gualtieri, Ligabue's house-museum is enriched with two new paintings

Starting Aug. 1, Antonio Ligabue's house-museum in Gualtieri will display two new paintings that have joined the collection.

Two new paintings will enrich the collection of the Antonio Ligabue house-museum in Gualtieri. They are Portrait of Cesarina Aprici and The Two Mothers, works that will be on view by appointment from Aug. 1 to Oct. 18 in the house where the artist lived. Executed in 1961, they are part of thelast production of Antonio Ligabue (Zurich 1899 - Gualtieri 1965).

“The relationship between Cesarina and Ligabue,” commented the director of the house-museum, Giuseppe Caleffi, “almost seems to take us back to the ’Dolce stil novo’ where Cesarina is ’his’ Beatrice, idealized and unattainable.” In The Two Mothers, the artist depicted in a stable, next to a mother with a baby in her arms, a cow with calf.

The Portrait of Cesarina Aprici will be placed in the bedroom, now in the availability of the house-museum, where Antonio Ligabue slept at the Crocebianca inn and where he painted the picture.

Ligabue arrived in Gualtieri, from Switzerland, in 1919, and here, too, he spent a very hard life: in order to make a living the scariolante, that is, the laborer who transported goods by wheelbarrow, on the banks of the Po. He began painting in the late 1920s, appreciated by rare admirers, including Marino Mazzacurati, one of the greatest Italian artists of the early 20th century and a leading exponent of the Roman School. Among his most recurrent themes were wild and domestic animals, field work, and many self-portraits.

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Gualtieri, Ligabue's house-museum is enriched with two new paintings
Gualtieri, Ligabue's house-museum is enriched with two new paintings

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