MiBACT tells museums in LIS language

A number of video contributions in LIS language are posted on the MiBACT Youtube channel to tell about museums.

#iorestoacasa is also in LIS language: three video contributions in Italian sign language can be seen on MiBACT ’s Youtube channel to illustrate to the hearing-impaired some of the state-owned cultural venues that adhere to the La cultura non si ferma campaign.

These are some examples of activities aimed at developing accessibility in museums. The three videos show the Cemì ritual mask with human front and bat back worn under special circumstances by dignitaries of the Taìno people, i.e., the first Amerindians that Christopher Columbus came across; the only extant examples of Nuragic statuary, the Giants of Mont’e Prama, discovered in more than 5.000 fragments in 1974 and now preserved in part at the National Archaeological Museum in Cagliari and in part at the Civic Museum in Cabras; the classical statuary preserved the National Roman Museum at Palazzo Massimo.

At these links you can view the three videos in LIS:

Museum of Civilizations

MAN of Cagliari

National Roman Museum of Palazzo Massimo

MiBACT tells museums in LIS language
MiBACT tells museums in LIS language

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