MUSE launches nature-themed poetry challenge in its sound forest

On the occasion of World Poetry Day, MUSE Trent launches a nature-themed poetry challenge.

On the occasion of International Forest Day and World Poetry Day, MUSE - Museo delle Scienze, Bosco dei Poeti and Trento Poetry Slam present an original poetry challenge. Eleven poets, a poetry slam competition, two “out of the box” artists, painter Lome and general in reserve Isidoro Furlan, and the urban grove Trees Falling in Love giving voice to trees: these are the initiatives of Canticle III. Forests of Poetry.

The event will kick off at 4 p.m. Sunday, March 21 on the MUSE Facebook page and conclude at 6:30 p.m.

A double occasion that MUSE - Museo delle Scienze, in collaboration with Bosco dei Poeti and Trento Poetry Slam, has decided to celebrate with a special edition: in fact, Cantico III follows the initiatives Cantico and Cantico 2 - The Awakening of Nature, born in the hardest moments of the pandemic, but is renewed with a special participatory experiment.

The event, live online on MUSE social channels and MUSE On Air, will start with a poetry review curated by the Poets’ Forest. The small sonic forest of Trees Falling in Love, an installation created by MUSE in collaboration with the artistic duo Miscele d’Aria, the Forest Service of the Autonomous Province of Trento and the Provincial Agency of State Forests, will pause sounds and lighting effects to spread the compositions of Cantico III, also themed “forests.” Eleven poets and poetesses are involved in the initiative: Alda Baglioni, Mariano Bortolotti, Reinhard Christanell, Giovanna Sartori De Vigili, Diaolin (Giuliano Natali), Annamaria Ercilli, Mariavittoria “Vicky” Keller, Annachiara Marangoni, Massimo Parolini, Dante Zatterini, and Angelo Magro.

At the end of the poetry review, at 5:30 p.m. the real challenge will come into focus: an unprecedented Poetree Slam, in collaboration with Trento Poetry Slam. The theme of the contest is the relationship between human being and tree. The popular jury will vote live on Facebook (voting via the Mentimeter platform). A competitive poetry event dedicated to youngsters, with a “plant” theme, in which Elisa Nicolussi, Gloria Riggio, Francesco Sueri and Gigi Zoppello will compete.

The initiative will be presented by Chiara Limelli, speaker of Radio Italia Anni 60. Also framing the live broadcast, in the MUSE garden, will be the solo exhibition of painter Lorenzo Menguzzato, in art Lome, accompanied by an art installation by General in reserve of the Carabinieri Forestry Isidoro Furlan.

MUSE launches nature-themed poetry challenge in its sound forest
MUSE launches nature-themed poetry challenge in its sound forest

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