Museum of the manuscripts of the Dukes of Burgundy opens in Brussels

A new museum bringing together the splendid collection of manuscripts of the Dukes of Burgundy will open in Brussels on September 18, 2020.

From September 18, 2020, the Museum of the Manuscripts of the Dukes of Burgundy will open in Brussels. The latter will be housed in the new KBR Museum, inside the Royal Library - KBR, precisely in the 16th-century Nassau Chapel as well as in adjacent rooms, and will bring together the numerous manuscripts from the 14th - 15th centuries that have survived the vicissitudes of seven centuries.

Splendid volumes, perfectly preserved, that tell of an era of great splendor and artistic talent. The manuscripts of the Dukes of Burgundy are considered one of the excellences of the art of miniature in Northern Europe, a treasure that is being unearthed. In fact, the wealthy and powerful Dukes of Burgundy, cultured patrons, gave rise to a strraordinary collection of books and codices, and the public will have the opportunity in the new museum to delve into political, social, economic, artistic and cultural aspects of the Flemish Renaissance.

In addition to illustrating themes of a certain political, social and cultural engagement, these manuscripts also present amusing scenes and curious anecdotes related to the Middle Ages. Fascinating, for example, is the description of the process of making the volumes: the binding, the materials used to create the pages, and the meticulous copying and miniature work, which places these works on par with the masterpieces created by contemporary Flemish artists.

Aninteractive multimedia experience will then allow visitors to interact directly with some of the characters in the manuscripts and be guided in designing a personal miniature.

While waiting for the museum to open to the public, you can discover a selection of 213 manuscripts from the collection virtually at, along with hundreds of other interesting documents owned by the Royal Library, in digital format.

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Museum of the manuscripts of the Dukes of Burgundy opens in Brussels
Museum of the manuscripts of the Dukes of Burgundy opens in Brussels

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