a suitcase: art comes to everyone in Florence

Starting August 16, the Museums in a Suitcase project kicks off in Florence to bring everyone closer to the city's artistic heritage.

Kicking off from today, Monday, August 16, is the Musei in valigia project, signed MUS.E and implemented with the contribution of Fondazione CR Firenze as part of funding on the Cultural Participation call. Involved in the project are the Florentine Civic Museums.

Inside real suitcases will be contained materials chosen to offer a special experience of approaching the Florentine artistic heritage: from Italy as seen through the shots of the great photographers protagonists of the exhibition Italiae, Dagli Alinari ai maestri della fotografia contemporanea currently underway at Forte Belvedere, to the excursus among the maps of the evocative Hall of Maps in Palazzo Vecchio to the full immersion among the great artists of the 20th century, whose works are kept at the Museo Novecento.

The visual and audio elements have been designed and chosen to take visitors on an evocative journey of discovery of the city’s beauty without straying far from where they are and without giving up the possibility of true immersion in Florentine treasures. Images to look at (printed or projected), curious objects, music, audio excerpts, micro-presentations and mini-relationship activities will accompany participants on these special journeys.

Suitcase in hand, MUS.E mediators will arrive in the coming months (the project will go on until late fall) at day, semi-residential and residential facilities and centers in the city of Florence, initiating otherwise impossible journeys with guests, in time and space.

The first stop is scheduled for Monday, August 16 at Villa Bracci, a senior center of the City of Florence, but those who wish to participate are invited to call and make reservations (appointments are limited), choosing one of the three suitcases currently available.

Here are the three proposed cases:

Journey to Italy

A “museum in a suitcase” around the wonderful shots of the exhibition Italiae, Dagli Alinari ai maestri della fotografia contemporanea currently underway at Forte Belvedere, to discover the many faces of Italy through the photographs of great masters of the past and present.

The whole world in one room

A “museum in a suitcase” to travel around the world without moving a step and experience all the wonder of sixteenth-century discoveries, drawing inspiration from the extraordinary maps in the Hall of Maps in Palazzo Vecchio.

We of the Twentieth Century

A “museum in a suitcase” to go back in time thanks to the works of the Museo Novecento, retracing the history of the 20th century and getting closer to the great artists who interpreted its events through their poetics and language.

The Museums in a Suitcase events are free of charge and are dedicated to young people, immigrants and the elderly (literacy schools, day care centers, semi-residential and residential facilities).

For information and reservations:

Pictured: the Salone dei Cinquecento. Ph. Credit Targetti Sankey a suitcase: art comes to everyone in Florence a suitcase: art comes to everyone in Florence

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