New lighting for the Raphael Rooms

New lighting designed and built for the Vatican Museums by Osram: the Raphael Rooms with more natural light.

New lighting for the Raphael Rooms, the magnificent rooms decorated in fresco by the great Urbino artist that are located inside the Vatican Museums.

Designed and realized for the Vatican Museums by Osram, the new lighting is based on the concept of"corresponding colors": about 2,400 LEDs with a very high level of geometric integration allow the colors of the frescoes to stand out in a natural way.
Another advantage is appropriate energy savings, and in addition, ultraviolet and infrared radiation on the frescoes is avoided.

“Thanks to the collaboration with Osram we are able to achieve 70 percent savings in electricity compared to before,” explained the director of the Vatican Museums Barbara Jatta; “with the new lighting today finally the most famous rooms in the world can be enjoyed at their best visibility: the light that now accompanies the works of art makes them more readable. These rooms are an extraordinary example of Catholic anthropology, in which the talent of a very young Raphael was expressed. It is a pity that he in his time could not see this light,” added Antonio Paolucci.

Source: Ansa - Il Sole 24 Ore

Image: Stanza della Segnatura

New lighting for the Raphael Rooms
New lighting for the Raphael Rooms