Poems from the Bardini garden to celebrate the wisteria's peak bloom

The Poems from the Bardini Garden column proposed by Compagnia Lombardi-Tiezzi, Fondazione CR Firenze and Fondazione Parchi Monumentale Bardini Peyron.

Fondazione CR Firenze launches With the @art, a new space of digital content, accessible to all, created by cultural venues, the world of entertainment and music, associations and cultural workers in the Covid-19 health emergency. With @art in its most varied forms, enjoyable and entertaining moments are given through materials, videos and much more.

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In addition, every Saturday for four weeks, on Villa Bardini’s social channels, the Lombardi-Tiezzi Company offers the reading of famous poems accompanied by the beautiful images of the flower garden. In this period the maximum flowering of the wisteria takes place in the garden of Villa Bardini, in an explosion of pink and purple flowers that every year offers a unique suggestion.
Villa Bardini’s Instagram and Facebook social channels will celebrate the wisteria’s maximum bloom with a series of approximately one-minute videos offering the reading of famous poems over images taken by Stefano Casati in the park.

The Poems from the Bardini Garden series continues the renowned theater company’s collaboration with the Fondazione Parchi Monumentali Bardini e Peyron, which began in 2016 with the first live readings. Sandro Lombardi recites famous compositions by Aldo Palazzeschi, Eugeni Montale, Corrado Govoni.

Ph.Credit Villa Bardini

Poems from the Bardini garden to celebrate the wisteria's peak bloom
Poems from the Bardini garden to celebrate the wisteria's peak bloom

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