The Louvre opens Le Studio, a large new space with workshops and training rooms

The Louvre opens a large new space intended for workshops and training rooms: Le Studio.

The Louvre will open a new space, Le Studio, on the ground floor of the Richelieu Wing, intended to house workshops for creation and artistic practice and training offered by the museum. The new 1,200-square-meter space, designed by Paris-based agency h2o architectes, consists of a Forum and nine workshops and training rooms. With the opening of the Studio, the size of the spaces previously dedicated to workshops and training will triple.

The Forum will welcome the public before their visit to the museum: here visitors will be able to get information, advice on their possible paths within the collections, and will be offered activities to do on their own, such as board games and a reading corner. They will also be able to participate in a free 20-minute workshop, without reservations. The program is renewed approximately every six weeks. Throughout the year, the Forum will host meetings with artists, authors, scientists and museum professionals, demonstrations of art techniques, debates, screenings... The Forum’s layout evokes the museum’s works through casts and contemporary reinterpretations and highlights the work of the museum’s artisans: framers, gilders, painters, metalworkers, carpenters, upholsterers, marble workers, and lighting designers.

In the second part of the Studio will be the nine workshops and training rooms, to host workshops lasting two to three hours, free of charge, by reservation. The program will be varied and will be renewed every quarter, designed for all visitors: from youngsters to adults, alone or in groups.

The Louvre will also offer awide range of training courses aimed at developing knowledge in art history, cultural mediation, and project management.

The new space was made possible through the generosity of the American Friends of the Louvre and the support of Avery and Andrew Barth. The museum thanks the artists and key supporters of the project who contributed through the Bid for the Louvre auction.

Ph.Credit Olivier Ouadah

The Louvre opens Le Studio, a large new space with workshops and training rooms
The Louvre opens Le Studio, a large new space with workshops and training rooms

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